18 June 2014

How To Look Younger Than Your Actual Age

I don't claim to be the expert on reverse-aging technologies but I have friends who have such great skin that people don't believe them when they reveal their actual age! So I asked them for the secrets to their youthful good looks!

And you are in for a treat! :)

First up is a popular male Thai beauty blogger who goes by the moniker PuPe_so_Sweet, then Jose Cruz who owns an organic products company, and finally Dion Khoo who is also Mrs Singapore Chinatown 2013.

Currently, PuPe has over 58,000 fans on Facebook and over 15,000 followers on Instagram. Allow me to introduce Sakkarat Piamworanan aka PuPe_so_Sweet, Thai Beauty Blogger Extraordinaire.

Qn 1) Tell us more about you, PuPe? What is your real age and what is your skin age now? 

I was once a hotel pastry chef but I am now a full-time blogger at www.pupesosweet.com and freelance educator and speaker for many global cosmetic brands.

I am 32 years old but my skin age is 22 (according to SK-II's Magic Ring skin diagnosis).A lot of people are surprised when I tell them my actual age and almost all of them ask me how I take care of my skin.

Qn 2) How did you get started with skincare and what is your skincare routine like? 

When I was 12, I saw my mom using skincare everyday and I just wanted to try. She said that these were not for children (being anti-aging skincare) but she gave me a small travel size tube of sunscreen instead. Since that day, skincare is one of my 'best friends' and also my passion.

As a skincare lover, I have tried many products and not all of them are good for me. 

"I maintain my youthful looks by slowing down the ageing process through wearing sunscreen everyday as 80% of skin problems such as spots and wrinkles are caused by sun damage."

I have been a loyal user of SK-II for 8 years now. My favorites are their Facial Treatment Essence, LXP Ultimate Perfecting Essence and the combination of Stem Power Essence & Cream. My new favorite this year is Biotherm Life Plankton Essence which is very good for my acne-prone skin. It can calm the redness, skin irritation and skin inflammation from acne.

There are many good products with different price ranges. Understand your skin and look at product ingredients, not their claims. Do some research regarding the efficacy of the active ingredients, then get a sample to test if it’s compatible with your skin condition.

Qn 3) Why do you think it is important for men to take good care of their skin? Besides skincare, what else do you do? Exercise? Any alcohol, cigarettes? 

I think that clean and beautiful skin boosts your self-confidence and can make a huge difference in first impressions at job interviews, business meetings or even on dates!

Using good skincare products is just half the equation.

"A healthy lifestyle helps promote healthy skin. I exercise regularly; 80 minutes 3 to 4 times a week. Exercise can boost the immune system, help stimulate the micro-circulation of the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins from the body and also keep my body in shape as I’m a foodie."

I can smoke and drink alcohol but choose not to. I have been working so hard and spent my hard-earned money taking good care of my skin and health. Why would I destroy that with something I have to spend more money on?

When I am stressed from work, I will go for a workout or spa session and have a back or body massage. When I am depressed, I will just have a nice meal with close friends. 

Qn 4) A lot of men in Singapore do not take very good care of their skin. Some of them even use body foam to cleanse their face, and don't have a proper skincare routine. What would be your advice to them?

I understand that living and working in Singapore is quite stressful. So I suppose they may not have time or are too tired to maintain a skincare routine.

Thing is, you don't have to spend 30 minutes or an hour on skincare! A basic skincare routine can be done in 3 minutes.

First, use a gentle cleanser, then prep your skin with watery lotion. Secondly, use a serum or treatment product. Finally, protect your skin from sun damage by using sunscreen or by using moisturizer in the evening.

This 3 minute routine takes less time than a smoking session but it can make a huge difference to your skin.


{ A chat with Jose Cruz }

Qn 1)  What is your real age? How is it that you look so young - what's your secret?

I am 47 years old this year. 

It might be genetic, and also due to my diet. I do not overeat. In the past, I used to consume a lot of carbohydrates. Now, I do not take foods high in sugar content, such as cakes.

My family members look young too.

"Their secret is in having a positive outlook in life."

When I look into the mirror, I see a 35 year old guy. Sometimes, I wonder whether I should behave like my age or a 35 year old. :)

Qn 2) What is your lifestyle like - supplements, exercise, abstinence from cigarettes and alcohol? 

I take Vitamin C to keep me in good health and virgin coconut oil to stimulate metabolism and improve my stamina. Because of virgin coconut oil, I no longer have knee problems and can run again (3 times a week). My stamina has improved and I can now do 28 pull ups versus just 19 in the past.

I do not smoke and have stopped drinking. 

Qn 3) How about one's state of mind? Would you agree that being stressed all the time is bad for the way we look?

Yes, having a happy and positive outlook in life is important. There is no point for me to worry and be stressed over unnecessary things. 

"I try not to worry about the things that I cannot control and take time off to work on those things which are within my control." 

{ A chat with Dion Khoo, 42, Mrs Singapore Chinatown 2013 }

Qn 1) 您第一届“新加坡华裔夫人”冠军得 主. 十八年前,也曾经是新加坡华裔小姐的亚军. 您的的致胜战略是什么呢

从小,我的父母就建立我的信心,无论我做什么 他们都会认同和支持我. 这让我能够积极和乐观的面对人生,包括参加选美.无论几岁参赛,我都充满信心,活出我的年龄,我生命的价值。

当一个人有自信心的时侯, 她自然会散发光彩, 看起来更美丽。

Qn 2) 您平时是如何护肤的呢?


 Qn 3)你现在正在使用什么护肤品?

我现在正在使用Environ产品- Clarifying lotion,Focus hydrating serum and  C-Quence Crème。

 Qn 4) 你的饮食习惯是什么?


(My translation for readers who don't speak Mandarin)

Qn 1) You won the first-ever Mrs. Singapore Chinatown Pageant recently and you also won the first runner-up title during the Miss Singapore Chinatown Pageant eighteen years ago. What is your winning strategy?

It would have to be my confidence which my parents helped cultivate in me since I was very young. They are always supportive of whatever I do. This allows me to be positive and have an optimistic outlook in life, which becomes especially evident when I participate in beauty pageants. Regardless of my age, I am always full of confidence and live my life to the fullest.

When a person is confident, she will naturally exude radiance and therefore looks more beautiful.

Qn 2) What is your beauty regime like?

I apply toner, serum and cream after washing my face with a cleanser. Other than that, I will always maintain a cheerful frame of mind and adopt a positive attitude towards life.

Qn 3) What are the skincare products you are currently using?

I am currently using Environ Clarifying lotion, Focus hydrating serum and C-Quence Crème.

Qn 4) What is your diet like?

I like to eat natural and organic food because it is not genetically modified and will not harm one’s health. I also like to have homemade soup every day with fresh meat or fish, with herbs and natural ingredients such as red dates, huai shan, yu zhu, lotus seed and lily bulb, etc.


Having heard from these 3 beautiful people, I hope you have been inspired. :) I know I have. 

My friends are always asking me what I do to keep my skin looking so fair. So here are my 3 tips:

I apply whitening mask at least 2 times per week as it works intensively to brighten up my skin tone. Sometimes, I will like to refer them as an Instant Fix of the Dull Skin as they will always add radiance to my skin no matter how dull is my complexion. I will strongly you to apply Whitening Mask on the Face at least once a  week.

Do include whitening products in your skincare routine.I will recommend these 2 whitening products, Naruko Raw Job's Brightening Moisturizer and NRK Essential Multi-Peptides Botanical Brightening Serum. In my opinion, they have the wonderful ability to brighten up my skin tone. My yellowish skin tone has changed to a clearer and radiant complexion after merely 1 month of usage.

Do use Sunblock on a daily basis, whether you are indoors or outdoors. There are 2 types of UV Rays, namely, sun's ultraviolet A ( UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) Rays. Both UVA and UVB radiation can cause skin damage including wrinkles, lowered immunity against infection, aging skin disorders, and cancer. Please use a broad-spectrum sunscreen if you wish to protect your skin against both UVA and UVB. I will personally prefer to use a water-resistant sunblock which is less oily on my combination skin.

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