08 June 2014

5 Things to Look Forward to During the Football Season

The most anticipated soccer event of the year is just less than 2 weeks away! I’m not a huge fan but I know many of those around me who are going to be involved in the football fever and late night screenings.

That doesn’t mean that I have to miss out on the fun though - here are some of things I’ll be looking forward to for the next few weeks ahead:

1. Late-night Suppers and Drink Deals

During this month of soccer madness, bars around town will be serving up drinks and snacks all through the night. What better reason is there to indulge in some beer and chips?

2. Betting on the winning team

One way to create your own excitement if you’re not big on the game is to place bets on the winning team. This doesn’t necessarily have to be cash, be creative and come up with fun ideas so everyone will get a shot at guessing the night’s win!  

3. Hot footballers
The game is only as interesting as the players are. Keep a lookout for some of the most handsome football stars to ever grace your screen (e.g. Messi,Ronaldo, Torres)

4. The Game itself

Who says you have to be a full-fledged soccer fan to enjoy this quadrennial event? I’ll be taking this chance to learn more about the game, and perhaps I might just get a glimpse into understanding why this is every guy’s favorite past-time. 

5. Having a ‘Girl’s Night Out’

I’m even considering organizing a few sleepover sessions with my girlfriends when the guys are busy with their matches. Seems like the perfect time to finally have that manicure session and catch up on the latest news-worthy gossip.

Do you guys have any interesting plans for the upcoming football season? Share with me by commenting below!  

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