12 May 2014

Talika Light Duo Product Launch Event

My guest blogger, Ashley and I have been invited to the Talika's media launch event 2 months ago. Let us hear what Ashley has to say about this exclusive media event.

Talika Light Duo Product Launch Event (write-up by Ashley)

Carol and Ashley were invited to Talika's media launch for the new Light Duo +.

The latest French Anti-Aging skin beauty product launched in the market for using the revolutionary technology and the first cosmetic revolution to create multi Light Therapy, inspired by aerospace research.

It is believed that each light wavelength has specific healing properties on the skin.  It is absorbed by the skin and reaches different layers of cells.

Light Duo+ is created to penetrate the skin to reach the cells found in Epidermis, Middle and Deep Dermis level, restores the skin and the cells are fully recharged with life and energy.

It is also fitted with an ionotherapy function, which helps to create a temporary state of permeability in order to "open" the cell wall, allowing the cells to open up and receive the active ingredients.

The handy  palm size light device serves three purpose:

1. Anti-redness/soothing (red light) using 630 nm wavelength
Reduces pro-inflammatory cytokine production in 1 min per day
-66% Redness instantly*

2. Anti-Wrinkle (orange light) using 590 nm wavelength
Reactivates collagen and elastin synthesis in 44 seconds per day
-32% Wrinkles in 28 days*

3. Anti-Dark Spots/Skin Lightener (green light) using 525 nm wavelength
Regulates melanin production in 2 mins per day
-46% Dark a Spots in 60 days*

*The results are based on a clinical test on 30 volunteers

There are two ways of using it:
1. Light treatment
Select light (left buttom), click on start (right button) and hold the device 2-3com from your face. Use each light as indicated per area.

2. Light treatment with Lonotherapy & micro-vibration
Select light (left button), click on start (right button) and place the device on your skin (with or without your skincare product). Use each light as indicated per area.Lonotherapy and Micro-vibration will automatically start when the device is placed on your skin.

The nice thing is that It has built in auto timer once the duration of the treatment is complete. It claims the following: smoothes even the deepest of wrinkles, plumps up skin, illuminates the complexion and restores skin radiance.

One of the Talika staff told us there are some women that use this high tech home treatment device to work on all three areas for five minutes daily for young looking skin.

Demo by Mr. Alexis de Brosses, President of Talila PARIS.

We asked Alexis whether the consumers will get addicted to using the device, he replied with a smile, "Will the ladies get addicted to Youth?"

If this anti-aging beauty product is so miracle per the presentation, the price of S$575 is worth the investment.

It is available at Compass point Metro, Metro Paragon n selected Sephora outlets.

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