18 April 2014

SK-II Magic Ring Test

This year, SK-II leads Audi Fashion Festival (AFF) with the mantra “Live Your Life, Not Your Age”. As the Official Skincare Partner for the premier fashion event, the prestige beauty brand will be empowering women to look beyond their age and pursue their lives to the fullest.

I really think that taking good care of the skin is like a long time career. Once we neglect our skin, aging problems like wrinkles and lines will tend to surface. This is really how I felt when my HDB Flat is under renovations. Somehow, it disrupts my regular skincare regime and my complexion is not as good as before. That is why I readily say yes when SK-II has invited me for an exclusive skin analysis test at one of their beauty counters.

I am sure that a lot of people are curious about the “age” of their skin just like me and the wonderful thing is that you will be able to request for the same Magic Ring Test at all the SK-II Counters. The procedure is quite simple. The SA will simply place a camera sort of gadget next to my face to take a close-up photo of my skin.

After which, the machine will take around a few minutes to analyze the skin.

Do note that the skin will be rated according to these 5 categories, Texture refinement, Firmness Power, Wrinkle Resilience, Spot Control and Radiance Enhancement.

Let us see how I fare in the Magic Ring Test. I have a total score of around 64%, bearing in mind that the higher the percentage, the better is the skin complexion.

There is definitely room for improvement though as I will like to aim for a score of at least 70%.

Even though I am in my thirties (not disclosing my actual age here), I am quite thrilled that my texture refinement is only 25 years old.

Texture Refinement
Oh, my hard works really pay off as I really spend time to take good care of my skin on a regular basis.

As for the Firmness Power and Wrinkle Resilience Category, my skin is around 32 and 31 years old respectively.

Firmness Power
Wrinkle Resilience
I heave a sigh of relief as my results are still acceptance for these two categories.

Here comes the nightmare. My skin is 35 years old for the Spot Control Category with 110 Visible and 349 Invisible Pigmentation!

Spot Control

Perhaps I have really fair skin and that is why I tend to develop darkening spots easily. Hopefully it is not too late to reduce the pigmentation as I will include more whitening products in my daily skincare routine.

My Radiance Enhancement is around 31 year old.

Radiance Enhancement
According to the analysis machine, my skin age is around 30 years old, slightly younger as compared to my current age.

Overall, if it is not for the spot control category, I will definitely have scored better than 64%. Lastly, I will like to thank SK-II for the invitation as I can get to understand the strength and weakness of my skin complexion through the Magic Ring Test.

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