23 April 2014

Drink BRAND’S Essence of Chicken regularly and stay on top of your game this football season!

It’s the football season once again. During these 2 months, simply take off with BRAND’S chicken of essence with your favourite English Club.

More about the Kick Off & Take off with BRAND'S® Essence of Chicken Promotion


Simply sms the SMS the unique code to: 9010 2322 using these instructions:
Brands<space>8-digit unique code<space>email address<space>NRIC No.<space>Name

If you do not have an email address, please enter abc@gmail.com.

For example: Brands AC123456 abc@gmail.com S1234567A Amy Tan

To increase your chances of winning, enter multiple times!

1 x for 1 chance
2 x for 4 chances
6 x for 36 chances
14 x for 196 chances

By the way, I have received 2 media kits from Brand’s. Let’s us take a look at the items in these boxes, one “for him” and one “for her”.

Inside the “for him” box, there is:

4 BAND’Ss Chicken Essence
1 BRAND’S Sesamin with Schisandra Extract

1 Box of Face Paint
2 Whistles

A stack of questions & answers Cards

Since I have reviewed BRAND'S Chicken Essence before, I will only be mentioning about BRAND’S Sesamin with Schisandra Extract in this post.  

I have seen this product recommended during a Taiwanese show and I heard it is particularly effective for people who like to stay up late. Basically, it can protect the liver.

At that time, I am searching high and low at Watsons, Guardians and NTUC Pharmacy but sadly, I can only purchase it online. Therefore, I am quite happy to find this product inside the media box.

As for the “for her” box, there is:

4 BAND’Ss Chicken Essence
BRAND’S Innershine RubyCollagen

1 pair of Ears’ Plug
Sleeping Mask
1 Natural Seed Diffuser

Wow a diffuser. Exactly what I need to relax from the stress of football mania. Refer to my blog post for the review of  BRAND'S Innershine RubyCollagen

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