30 March 2014

Vidal Sassoon #GetSassooned Event

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Vidal Sassoon #GetSassooned event – by Ling

Who doesn’t know the name (or brand) Vidal Sassoon? This brand was huge in Singapore, and they have come back stronger than ever. Vidal Sassoon was a British hairdresser and businessman who “changed the world with a pair of scissors”. He is best known for creating and popularising the “bob” hairstyle and five-point cut, using precision cutting to achieve form, structure and shape. He cut hair as designers cut cloth and shaped hair as architects designed buildings. I still remember the tag line of the commercials shown on tv “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good”. Even though Vidal Sassoon has passed on in 2012, his techniques still live on in hairstylists who have been trained in his “art”.

Carol and I went for the Vidal Sassoon’s first Singapore #GetSassooned hair and fashion runway show on 20th February at Sculpture Square. We had a great time looking at the great hairstyles and models on the runway, including Oon Shu An and VS’s first Singapore Ambassador Joanne Peh.

When we first stepped in to the venue and took a picture, we were treated to drinks at the bar. There were 3 drinks we could choose from, all made with Belvedere Vodka. I chose one with vodka, sprite and apple juice, which tasted great—the drinks were a nice touch. Beside the bar, on display were new products from the VS Premium Care series. I’ve used VS products before when I was a teenager, and I was satisfied with the products. This new series has many benefits which were raved about by Shu An and Joanne (hey, the names rhyme! :P ).

Picture with Patricia and Carol – taken from the official photographer

Drinks at the bar
Products on Display

After we took our seats, we settled down with our drinks and took pictures. I think this is a particularly artistic shot the professional photographer took of us trying to take our own selfie.

From the official photographer
Actual Selfie
We were treated to a couple of songs from Sara Wee and her band when the event started. Sara was also the emcee of the event. After the songs and the introduction by P&G’s staff, the runway show began. All the models had Sassoon-styled hair and it was very refreshing to see how form, structure and shape worked so well with fashion. All the models wore local designer Mae Pang’s creations.

Sara Wee singing

After the show we met Vidal Sassoon hairstylist Calvin Gan, who talked to us about the haircut he gave to Shu An. It was a versatile hairstyle which can be curled or straight. To prove the versatility, his assistant helped Shu An straighten her hair on stage in a short period of time.

Official photographer’s picture of all models together with Calvin Gan and his assistant
Mae Pang and Shu An
Following Shu An’s came Joanne’s appearance. Joanne loved her new hairstyle. She mentioned that the first thing she did after her hair was cut short was to do the hair shake – after which I saw that every strand of hair fell perfectly back into place. Joanne’s hair had portions of blue (cool tone) and yellow (warm tone) which made very unique looks from different angles. I’ve never thought these two colours could look good together on hair, but they did.

Take a look at part 1 of Joanne’s transformation:

Here’s part 2:

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