09 March 2014

Review of Trimton 2 Pistol Shot Diet Pill

Even though the festive holidays like Christmas and Chinese New Year are already over, I do find it hard to resist the temptations of good food. Frankly speaking, I have been reminding myself everyday to restrict my diet but the effort proves to be futile. Why or why, do I still put on weight? That is why I am excited to try the 2 Pistol Shot Diet Pill when  Trimton has invited me to write a review.

Here’s introducing Trimton 2 Pistol Shot Diet Pill, another slimming product by the very same company which has brought you the renowned 2B Alternative Slimming Products.

More about the Trimton 2 Pistol Shot Diet Pill

No of Pills per Box: 60

Price: $118 (Buy 1 get 1 free)

Available at: Guardian

Product Description: It focuses on slimming [Cut Oil and Weight Loss] in natural way.

Effects: It

reduces oil the natural way:
.Breakthrough E.Microen (肠溶性微粒)Technology stimulate the effect brought by the natural ingredients; 
.Oil-blocking effect in intestine; 
.Effectively blocks out and dissolves oil from food intake up to 80%.

Targets fatty Area:
.Increases body heat at fatty area and burns fat; 
.HCA and Chlorogenic Acid help body to prevent fat storing; 
.Effectively reduces body fat percentage.

Ingredients: It contains:

HCA & Chlorogenic Acid- help to reduce the fat up to 52%
Green tea polyphenols and organic acids can help to block oil intake up to 30% and help to slim up your whole body and lose weight.


It is suggested to take 2 capsule a day, one for breakfast or lunch and other one for dinner and dosage with warm water.

Using Trimton 2 for 3 month as a treatment

I have always been skeptical about consuming slimming pills as I have heard a lot of side-effects of consuming this tiny little tablet. Some people may experience an increase in heartbeat or a change of temperament after consuming the slimming oral product. I am glad that I do not experience any of these side effects after consuming the Trimton 2 Pistol Shot Diet Pill.  In fact, I am 100% reluctant to risk my health just for the sake of shedding off a few kilogram of fat. But, this wonderful slimming product of Trimton 2 definitely changes my mind of slimming pill as I can still live my life per normal without any unpleasant sensations.

After taking the Trimton 2 Pistol Shot Diet Pill, I do notice that my body will experience a slight, minimal increased of heat temperature.

Perhaps this is in my mind as I do understand the logic of how this product works. Basically, it uses an unique technique of microencapsulation to avoid the side effects of ordinary pill. 

Each pill actually contains an array of 400 colourful missile balls and they will be released layers by layers after dissolving into the body.

Once they are fully absorbed into the intestine, the changed alkaline environment will make the final layers truly dissolved and allow the functional ingredients to effectively eliminate and burn off the fat. In this way, the ingredients will avoid being ruined by the gastric acid as its absorption rate is much faster when it goes directly into the intestine area. After the pill is absorbed and entered into the fat layer, heat is released and the body temperature slightly rises. Do note to consume 2 capsules of Trimton 2 Pistol Shot Diet Pill a day with warm water,1 during breakfast and 1 during dinner.

It’s been 2 weeks ever since I have started my journey with Trimton 2 Pistol Shot Diet Pill. Till now, I have noticed I have lost 0.5kg. This is despite the fact that I indulges in fast food and buffets occasionally during this period of time. Although 0.5kg may seem to be insignificant, I have considered it as a small achievement. 

Based on my previous slimming experience, it is best to lose weight gradually over a period of time so that the fat will not rebound back. At this point of time, I will still continue to take Trimton 2 Pistol Shot Diet Pill and monitor my weight. However, please note that slimming result may vary from individual to individual.

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