16 March 2014

First day of Home Improvement Programme (HIP) with Enhancement For Active Seniors (EASE) renovation works.

My HDB Flat is recently being chosen for the Home Improvement Programme (HIP) with Enhancement For Active Seniors (EASE) as I live at a mature estate somewhere in the eastern part of Singapore.

Although I have received the notification exactly 1 month before the renovation work begins at my house, I have no idea what I will be expecting when the upgrading job is being carried out at my premises. That is why I have decided to share my HIP experience with my readers in this blog post.

More about the Home Improvement Programme (HIP) with Enhancement For Active Seniors (EASE)


HIP Description: This is a Programme which helps the flat owners, to deal with common maintenance problems related to ageing flats, such as spalling concrete and ceiling leaks, in a systematic and comprehensive manner. (Adapted from HDB Site)

EASE Description: This is a programme implemented by HDB to to enhance the safety and comfort of seniors living in HDB flats (Adapted from HDB Site)

Note: HIP will proceed only if 75% or more of a block’s eligible Singapore citizen households have voted in favour of HIP at the poll.

Frankly speaking, I have heard a lot of many positive comments about the HIP from my relatives and friends. I know that my bathrooms will be upgraded, refuse chute hopper will be changed and entrance door & grille gate will be replaced. When all these upgrading works have implemented, my flat will be transformed with a contemporary and modern look. And I will only have to pay a small fraction of these renovation works as it will be heavily subsidized by the Government.

Few days before the beginning of the upgrading job, I have to call in a contractor to remove the water pipe from my existing kitchen cabinet if I still wish to keep these cupboards intact.

Otherwise, the worker will practically hack those kitchen cabinets which are used to hide the water pipes. Since my kitchen cabinets are quite old, the contractor does not recommend me to remove the water pipe from the kitchen cabinets as it will be quite costly.

Therefore, if your flat is being chosen for the HIP Programme, please check whether the water pipes in the kitchen are hidden in your kitchen cabinets.

Needless to say, I have to endure 10 days of inconvenience (its 14 days to be exact as the workers do not work on Sunday) if I still choose to stay at my house during the duration of the upgrading job. But I am sure that it will definitely be worth the trouble as my flat will be fitted with newer amenities after the construction work has been completed. Before they start to hack the tiles of my bathroom on the very first day of HIP work, the supervisor of the renovation project at my flat gives me a summary of what they will be doing during these 10 days of renovation works.

A schedule list of the renovation work is pasted near my main door
Breakdown of the cost of HIP works is also being pasted on my kitchen wall
It is only at this point that I know that I have to get my very own set of bathroom accessories and lighting as the HDB will not providing them in the HIP Package. Well, I have plans to go to IKEA to get my bathroom accessories within this week as the workers will help to install them on the 9th day of the HIP work. By the way, all the furniture will be moved to the side and the workers will use poles with gigantic pieces of plastic to form a passage way. And, please do not leave your valuables lying around. I have kept them in the other common room which I have locked up during the days of the upgrading job.

And so the renovation work begins……

Work will commence at 9.00am and end by 5.00pm daily. It is best for an adult member to be present when works are being carried out in the flat. Although there is an air-conditioned resting room a few blocks away, I still choose to stay around at my flat to keep an eye on the renovation works. The workers will take turns to have their lunch and even if it is lunchtime, you will not be allowed to go inside your flat.

At the end of the first day of the renovation work, a portable non-flush toilet has been installed at my flat as I have a long rectangular kitchen area.

Portable Toilet
This is a toilet with no flush functionality
It comes with a tap and that is where I get the water to wash my utensils and hands
It has a shower head for bathing
It has a connection to the powerpoint
Because of this power point, the shower head is able to deliver hot water 
One of my neighbours has a “L Shape Style” kitchen which obstructs the passage way if the portable toilet is being installed. Therefore, they will have to stay with their sister-in-law as they will prefer not to have the portable toilet set up in the flat. No doubt that they can still make use of the temporarily toilets at the first floor of the flat, it is pretty inconvenient as one will need to go down whenever you need to bathe or go to the ladies.

That is probably why I have seen a lot of neighbours carrying buckets of water from the temporary toilet downstairs. Well, I really start to appreciate the previous usage of water now as I am born in an era where water rationing are not a common sights. We should always conserve and save water!!!

Even though the workers will remove all debris from the renovation works at the end of the construction work, all my furniture are being covered with dirt.

It is as though they have been sprinkled with a thick layer of dust.

It is so mucky that I cannot even sleep at my bed in the master bed-room. Unless you are willing to endure the messy and filthy conditions during the 10 days of renovation work, it will be better to look for alternative accommodations especially if the portable toilet is not being installed at your premises.

There concludes my first day of HIP renovation works at my premises.

On the first day of renovation work, the workers have hacked my 2 bathrooms' walls
On the first day of renovation work, the workers have hacked my 2 bathrooms' tiles
Please refer to this link: http://shorthairladyandherencounters.blogspot.sg/2014/04/home-improvement-programme-hip-with.html for the second post of the HIP with EASE renovation works.


. said...

Hi there, the HIP will be coming to my place in a month. what do u meant by "The workers will take turns to have their lunch ..., you will not be allowed to go inside your flat."

Meaning I cant stay inside at anytime?

Shorthairlady said...
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Shorthairlady said...

Hi it will not be advisable to stay inside the house for the first 2 days as the workers will do the hacking during this period.It will quite noisy and dusty.Other than that, you can stay inside for the remaining 8 days but door has to be kept open as workers will enter the house every now and then.Even for lunch time, you cannot cook inside the house.Hope that helps.