01 March 2014

BeautyAsia 2014 Event

Due to work commitment, I am unable to attend the BeautyAsia 2014 Exhibition at Suntec. However, my guest bloggers, Ashley and Ling Fang have a wonderful time at this Beauty Trade Show and this is their blog post.

BeautyAsia 2014 (by Ashley and Ling Fang – for ease of use I shall call myself Ling in this blog from now on )

Carol got us invites to the BeautyAsia 2014 exhibition held at Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre. This annual event for the beauty, spa and health industry is held this year from 17th to 19th February. 2014 is its 18th year running. There were exhibitors from Korea, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Japan and Malaysia. We were both pretty excited to see what new and interesting products there are in the Singapore market today, and we will be highlighting the following five:

More about Sevendrops: Rawganic Skincare

This Korean brand has gone one step further from organic products by giving us rawganic (raw + organic) skincare. The products contain mostly unprocessed, untainted and natural ingredients, using a combination of essential oils, natural extracts and natural pure water. Free from animal testing, they also use recycled paper for packaging and natural soybean oil for ink. They also give back to the community by practicing global hope sharing business in Madagascar and building schools in Africa.

The 3 bestselling products from this brand are: SOAPWORT Bubble Purifying Facial Foam, CRISTE-MARINE Hydrate Firming Fluid and VANILLA-PLANIFOLIA Shield and Radiance CC.

The facial foam has a natural and gentle exfoliating effect, and form a natural protective film after cleansing. Using pure uncontaminated Alaska Glacier water, it also moisturises and softens the skin. The fluid strengthens skin immunity, maintains moistened skin and has skin tightening and lifting effect. It keeps the skin brightened and revitalised without any irritation. The CC uses vanilla essential oil which helps to retain moisture and correct skin blemishes and tones. It also shields, whitens and smoothen the skin. It is suitable for people with sensitive skin.

You can buy the products via the website: http://www.sevendrops.com.sg/

More about Ecsalonce: Fancy Foil Nail Art

This unique nail art by local nail academy Ecsalone provides a mirror-like reflective shine that reminds us of models walking on the runway. The foil is very simple to apply with gel or adhesive, and it promises durable nails for at least 3 weeks. Let the pictures do the talking!

More about O’right’s: World’s Greenest Shampoo

The most unique point of this brand is that the packaging is fully biodegradable and also gives back to Mother Nature. This Taiwan brand uses a patented process that embeds seeds at the bottom of the bottle. Once the user has finished using the shampoo, he/she is encouraged to rinse the bottle and plant it in a pot. A plant will then start to grow – isn’t that revolutionary and absolutely eco-friendly?

The “Tree-in-a-bottle” shampoo contains only natural ingredients to nourish the scalp and hair without harsh chemicals added. There are many different kinds of shampoo for different uses: for instance, Green Tea shampoo for normal hair usage, and Golden Rose shampoo for colour-treated and damaged hair.

I (Ling) have received and tried a sample of green tea shampoo as I have normal, untreated hair. The shampoo comes in gel texture, not watery like some other shampoos. I like the fragrant green tea scent that remains subtly on my hair after washing and drying. My hair felt soft, but as I did not get a conditioner sample, I couldn’t get the full effects of the products.

Another bestseller from this brand is the Golden Rose Oil, which promises to repair cuticle scales and restore hair glossiness. We didn’t receive samples for this so we couldn’t test it out. The oil comes in an innovative “Floral Box” which is also embedded with seeds. If the box is buried in soil and watered daily, the seeds sprout as the box slowly degrades.

Please refer to this weblink for the list of Hair Salons where you can find the O’right Products  :  https://www.facebook.com/Orightsingaporemalaysia/app_117784394919914

More about Dermedex: 7-in-1 Dynamic Do-all Cream

We have used BB cream and CC cream, but this is the first time we have heard of DD cream! This cream from Dermedex offers 7 benefits: as a whitener, moisturiser, anti-blemisher, free radical shield, sunblock (SPF 45/PA+++), foundation and concealer. The cream doesn’t come in many different shades as it adjusts to blend in with different skin tones, which makes it suitable for all skin colours.

We did not manage to get samples to try this product on our faces, but we did manage to test it on our hands. This cream feels non-greasy/sticky. As it is light, it manages to conceal blemishes slightly, however if you have a giant, red pimple on your face it might not do the job completely.

You can get the DD cream at the online store: http://www.dermaskinstudio.com/

More about Gisele Delorme’s made-to-measure products and facials

"I believe seduction to be an everyday pursuit.
In order to be beautiful, we need to love
we need to feel at ease with those around us and with ourselves.
Because each woman is unique, different, real,
I create for her more than 30 years beauty solutions
which suit to her beauty, her personality.”
--- Gisele Delorme

Based on the philosophy that everybody’s skin is unique, to respect each person’s individuality, Gisele Delorme (which has more than 30 years of beauty expertise in Paris) created made-to-measure products and a set of signature lymphatic drainage techniques.

We were taken care of by the warm Master Trainer Maguy Rouaud from Paris, who has more than 30 years of beauty experience in her belt.

Master Trainer Maguy Rouaud 
Before the facial treatment, she checked our objective for our skin, analysed our skin types and skin conditions to prioritise the targeted treatment to use. The both of us were concerned with skin sensitivity and hydration, which she incorporated into our treatments. After cleansing without a make-up remover (none needed!), she tailor-made our oils – which have high concentrations of nature active ingredients – according to the requirements. Coupled with a set of lymphatic drainage techniques unique to the company (Arom’Activ Drainage), we felt comfortable, revitalised and good after our treatments. The products GD has have no animal-testing, mineral oil, paraben, animal-origin ingredient and alcohol.

We loved the head massages that was given while our masks were put on our faces. Maguy used her skillful hands to tease and pull our hair to stimulate our scalps and indirectly massage our heads. After both the head and face massages, our faces glowed and we also achieved just-got-out-of-bed tresses.

The Arom’Activ Drainage and Treatment personalisation is taught to the staff in Malaysia and Singapore personally from a Maguy. Tests are held regularly to ascertain that the staff retain their knowledge and are up-to-par, so customers can be assured of high quality.

Maguy treated both of us to a half-hour treatment each. Her hands were warm and we felt very comfortable, even though we were having the treatments “in public”. Ashley’s treatment was based largely on purification and Ling’s was based on normalising and stabilising.

We also met the brand ambassador Cai Pei Xuan at the booth, of course we couldn’t resist taking pictures with her!

Ashley with Pei Xuan
Ling with Pei Xuan
Pei Xuan has been using GD for two years to get perfect skin. She has two favourite products.

You can find the products and the lymphatic drainage technique here: http://seduisant.com.my/branches.asp.They will be opening a salon at JB City Square soon, akan datang!

Lastly, we would like to thank Tan Long and Camillus Kang from Grayling for your invites and attention to our requests for the 2 days we were there. Both of us had a great time at the exhibition!

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