09 February 2014

Review of Mosaic Skin Rejuvenation at Mendis Aesthetics & Surgery (Part 2)

This is my second post about the Mosaic Skin rejuvenation treatment at Dr Mendis.

As mentioned in my previous post, this treatment is targeted to promote the collagen growth of the skin. Please note that it takes at least 3 sessions of this aesthetic treatment to ultimately refine the skin texture and close up the pores.

I shall not go into the procedures of the Mosaic Skin rejuvenation treatment as you can refer to my previous post. Therefore, I shall only focus and write about the amazing results of my second and third treatment of this Laser treatment. Nevertheless, these are some photos from my second treatment of the Laser treatment.

With the Numbing Cream before the Mosaic Procedure

With the cooling mask after the Mosaic Procedure
Immediately after the Mosaic Procedure: My skin is Pinkish

My bare skin after few hours of Mosaic Treatment
By the way, do you know the differences between Mosaic and the normal fractional CO2 treatment? Well, the Mosaic Skin rejuvenation treatment targets at improving the skin texture of the whole face but the fractional CO2 Treatment focuses at reducing the pigmentation of certain spots or acne scars. 

Effects of the Mosaic Treatment
Secondly, there is only minimum downtime for Mosaic Skin rejuvenation treatment. Even though I have experienced a pinkish “sunburn” effects immediately after this aesthetics treatment, it will soon fade away after 3-4 days. In fact, a lot of friends thought that I have sunburnt and asked me where I have gone during the festive period holidays. However, with the fractional CO2 treatment, I heard that the downtime is slightly longer as compared to the Mosaic treatment.

After another two sessions of the Mosaic Skin rejuvenation treatment, I do find that my complexion have improved greatly. 

Don't I look radiant after 3 sessions of the Mosaic Treatment
My pores at my T-Zone have closed up and my complexion is more defined. Most importantly, my lines and wrinkles have reduced. I no longer have visible eye bags and I look younger and more alert. Overall, I am quite happy and satisfied with the results of the Mosaic Skin rejuvenation treatment, taking into consideration that I can drastically improve and refine my skin texture without going under the knives after  3 sessions of theMosaic Skin rejuvenation treatment. However, if I need to maintain this good complexion of mine, I will have to go for a touch up aesthetics Mosaic treatment every six month though

In addition, Dr Mendis has also sponsored me another sublock product and here is the short review.

More about Dr Mendis Asthetics SPF 25 Tinted Sunblock

Price: $50

Effects: It

helps maintain the optimal balance throughout the day while preserving it from harsh environmental pollutants and UV rays. 
Prevents wrinkles and skin dehydration.

Short Review:
I like the texture of this product as it really changes my impression of a sunblock. Generally, sunblock are quite oily in texture and that is probably why a lot of people with acne prone skin do not like to use this skincare product. The truth is that it is very important to use a good sunblock to protect the skin against the sun ray to prevent it from aging prematurely. In my opinion, this is a mild, non-oily texture sunblock which works effectively to protect my skin from the sun. 

Texture of the Dr Mendis Sunblock
After spreading out the Dr Mendis Sun Block
After application of the Mendis Sun Block
And, I really enjoy using this product because it has a lovely “baby power” fragrance. Whenever I use this product, somehow I will just have the impression that I am currently using a whitening cream with a nice aroma. I will definitely recommend this product for people who prefer to use a non-oily sun block product.

Lastly, please visit Mendis Aesthetics & Surgery Website: http://www.drmendis.com/ and FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/MendisAesthetics for more Information and Products Updates.

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