02 February 2014

Embellir-Bag Shop 2way Editors' bag Allure Promotion during the Chinese New Year Period

Are you looking for a lovely Bag to match your outfits during the Chinese New Year Festive Seasons? Or maybe a classic design Bag as a Valentine present for your loved ones? Or simply because you have a soft spot for Bags that are elegantly designed as they can complement your outfit?

Look no further as I will be introducing a beautiful bag from Embellir-Bag Shop which has appeared on the Japanese TV Drama.

More about Embellir-Bag Shop 2way Editors' bag Allure

Handle Length: 40 cm x Handle Height: 17cm
Dimension: Height: 25cm x Width: 38CM X Depth: 9.5cm

Colours: 20 colour selection to choose from

Material: Premium synthetic leather

Carry: as a sling Bag or a Lady Bag.

It comes with a Sling Attachment

Price: 70.53

Delivery Date: Please take note that all items are shipped from Japan and will take an estimated 1 week for delivery.

Here comes the Good News:

Date: Now-end of February 2014

For a limited time, Readers can get to purchase this bag at SGD 63.48 (at 10% off the original price of SGD 70.53)

Link to purchase this Bag: http://www.rakuten.com.sg/shop/e-aquanote/product/7301P-M-CL/

Wow, I am quite amazed that this Bag has a total of 20 colours selection to choose from. For your information, I have specifically requested for Black Cherry as red is my favourite colour. 

And it is definitely the perfect colour for me to carry during the Festive period since it symbolizes good luck in the Chinese Culture.

If you are a lady who loves accessories, you will definitely fall in love with this bag. There are several fashion elements for example, each zip comes with a string accessory. 

Well, if you do not like any of the string accessories, you are given the flexibility option to detach it. 

There you see the string accessory
Detaching the String Accessory
There you do not see the String Accessory
 By the way, there is also a bag charm attached to this bag. And, it’s none other than a pocket-size mirror which I can use whenever I need to retouch my makeup.

As for the design of this bag, I do appreciate the fact that it comes with various compartments. To be specific, there are a total of 3 zipped compartments situated respectively in the front and at the back parts as well as inside the Bag itself.

Zipped Compartment at Front Bag
Zipped Compartment at the Back
Zipped Compartment inside the Bag

In addition, there are also 2 unzipped compartments inside the Bags. 

That means that I can organize my stuff easier even without the usage of a Bag organizer. Most important of all, I will be able to put my handphone in the back component.

No more missed call for me as I will be able to feel its vibration when its rings.

 And having such a big size means that I will be able to stuff all my “barang barang” (things) inside my bag, particularly my semi-professional G15 Camera. This is quite a headache for me whenever I need to attend any Bloggers camera. Somehow, my current bag is quite small and doesn’t have much room left after I have put in my G12 Camera.  But, this bag has quite a big storage capacity and I will be able to slot in things like my makeup bag, scarf and my umbrella.

Frankly speaking, I do think that this is a wonderful bag for ladies who prefer to use an lady bag which has a large storage capacity. Although it has a dimension of Height: 25cm x Width: 38CM X Depth: 9.5cm, it has an elegant design which makes it suitable to be used in any occasions, be it for work or any casual occasion.

Lastly, please remember to visit Embellir-Bag Shop Website at Rakuten Website: http://www.rakuten.com.sg/shop/e-aquanote/ for more Promotions and Bags Designs Update.

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