05 January 2014

Reviews of Mendis Aesthetics Skincare Products

Thanks to the invitation by Street Directory, it's been 2 weeks since my first Mosaic Skin Rejuvenation Treatment at Mendis Clinic.I am quite happy with this treatment’s ability to improve my skin complexion. My pores are getting smaller and there is no minor pimple or acne breakout. However, my eye bags problems still exist and I still considering whether to go for surgery to remove the fat under my eyes.

Apart from the Mosaic Skin Rejuvenation Treatments, Dr Mendis has also kindly sponsored me a set of Mendis Aesthetics Skincare Products and here are the Reviews.

More about Mendis Aesthetics Multi Action Cleanser

Price S$65

Effects: It leaves the face feeling clean, refresh and tighter.

Ingredient: It contains papaya enzyme that gently exfoliates dead skin cells

Cleanser plays an important part in the 1st step of the skincare regime as we need to make sure that our skin is free from dirt and makeup at the end of the day. Imagine what will happen if the dirt and makeup residue still remain on our face after a few days. Yes, we will get clogged pores and develop blemishes as such as pimples or acnes. That is why I always on the haunt for a good cleanser which fulfills this first criteria of of removing the dirt and the residue effectively from my face.

Well, the second criterion is that the cleanser should not strip off the natural moisture on my face. If that happens, my combination skin will be too dry. And it will cause my surplus oil sebum to produce excessive oil and develop more blemishes in return. In my opinion, the Mendis Aesthetics Cleanser is indeed a mild cleanser which is able to remove the dirt and residue effectively from my face. 

Cleanser Texture
After lathering with water
After cleansing, I can feel that my face is clean and refreshed without any dry and astringent sensations.

More about Mendis Aesthetics Soothing Hydrating Toner

Price: S$78

Suitable for: all skin types including very sensitive skin.

Effects: It hydrates and tones the skin, leaving it soft and moist. Regular use stimulates and enhances cellular renewal.

It contains: botanical extracts without alcohol

Do you know that the existence of alcohol in toner will simply dry out the skin? This is even more severe if you have a sensitive skin. This is because the alcohol will only irritate the skin, causing in rashes and redness. That is why I love the this Hydrating Toner as it does not contain any alcohol content. Although it is suitable for people of all skin types, I will definitely recommend it to people with dry and sensitive skin.

Toner: Transparent watery texture
After applying the Toner.
Unlike the other Toner, this product is more convenient to use as it is in spray form. 

Spray Design
Instead of pouring the toner onto the cotton wool, I can just simply spray the Toner on my face and pat it into my skin. It does save me some time and trouble as I need not have to look for the Cotton Wool before using the Toner.

More about the Mendis Aesthetics Clarifying Gel

Price: S$107

Effects:  It enables destabilized skin to regain top performance levels and acts with long lasting effect, while complexion regains its radiance.

Ingredients: It contains VITAMIN-C fruit acids which improves inter-cellular repair.

This is really the first time that I have ever used a Vitamin C Product that is in Gel Form. Up to today, I have only seen Vitamin C Products that are in Cream Form and some of them tend to irritate my skin with red rashes. Since the texture of this product is quite mild in texture, I do not feel any allergic reactions after using this product.

Clarifying Gel Texture: Hydrating, with a nice fruity fragrance
After applying the Clarifying Gel
For your information, Dr Mendis has asked me to apply this product on the delicate eyes area. However,   I do know that the areas around the eyes are much delicate in nature. Just like Dark Eye Circles, it is really quite tough to diminish or correct the colourations once they have been developed.After applying this product, I do feel that the areas under my eye seem to have brighten up a little and I look more alert. Even though the discolourations under the dark eye circles still remain, I am glad that this condition has not deteriorated further with the usage of this product. 

More about the Mendis Aesthetics Ageless Series Regenerative Serum

Price: S$138

Effects: It helps to restore and maintain natural skin moisture, leaving the skin velvety and smooth

Ingredients: It contains Pro Vitamin B5 which has anti-inflammatory, protecting and moisturizing actions.

This is a non-oily hydrating serum. After usage, I do feel that my skin feels smoother and more refined. 

Serum: Clear, Liquid Texture
After applying the serum
It feels as though my skin has just regained a thin layer of natural moisture though.

More about the Mendis Aesthetics Recovery Cream

Price: S$128

Effects: It is a multi-vitamin formula for both normal and sensitive skin. This formula promotes healing after laser, light therapy and micro-dermabrasion.

Ingredients: It contains

Aloe Vera extract- Excellent soothing & calming properties
Ruscus Extract 
and natural vitamin C protect the skin from over exposure to UV rays

Amongst all the products, this is definitely my favourite. 

Since I have combination skin, I do feel that my skin feels super tight after cleansing despite the fact that I have used the facial masks at a regular basis. To me, this is certainly an indication that my skin is currently dehydrated, with an inadequate amount of moisture. That is why I do experience minor breakout of blemishes such as white and black heads every now and then.

Prior to having the Mosaic Skin Rejuvenation Treatment ,Dr Mendis has warned me that my skin will be extremely dry after the Laser Session. He has suggested me to try the Mendis Aesthetics Recovery Cream as it does wonder in replenishing the moisture level as well as promoting the healing properties of my skin after the aesthetics treatment. Indeed, even though I just have the Mosaic Skin Rejuvenation Treatment 2 weeks ago, my skin no longer feels tight or dry after cleansing after applying this product.

Recovery Cream Texture: White creamy Texture
After application of Recovery Cream
In fact, my skin feels more rejuvenating and hydrating in nature. I will definitely recommend this product to people with sensitive skin after the laser, light therapy.

More about Mendis Aesthetics Whitening Scrub

Price: S$128

Effects: It can exfoliate dead cells, remove blackheads and refine skin texture

Ingredients: It contains

fine quartz
plant extracts of burdock
and mint lighten skin to a perfect glow of radiance.

It is important to exfoliate the dead skin cells from the face on a weekly basis, so as to allow the moisturizers and serums to better penetrate into the skin. After using this product, I feel that my skin feels smoother in nature and I look more radiant.

Scrub Texture: Light Brownish Beads
After applying the Scrub
Please note to only use this product once a week.

Lastly, please visit Mendis Aesthetics & Surgery Website: http://www.drmendis.com/ and FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/MendisAesthetics  for more Information and Products Updates. 

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