25 January 2014

Review of Eye Gua Sha and Photo Therapy Skin Rejuvenation Facial Treatment at Supreme QX Beauty Spa

Have you ever heard of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) Therapy? Well, it is a broad range of ancient medicine practices which has been developed in China more than 2,000 years ago. It is generally based on the concept of balancing yin and yang and is said to be effective in treating the problems from its roots.

That is why I am so excited when Supreme QX Beauty Spa has invited me for a Facial Treatment Review since it is quite well known for its specialty in Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) Therapy.

For your information, I will be having a complimentary Eye Gua Sha and Photo Therapy Skin Rejuvenation Treatment (Facial) at this Beauty Spa Center.

More about Supreme QX Beauty Spa

Description: It is the most voted beauty spa specializing in TCM Healing Spa Therapy.

Tel: 6358 3029

Address: Blk 513 Bishan St 13 #01-510 Singapore 570513
(Next to Bishan Bus Interchange/ Bishan MRT/ Bishan CPF building)

More about the Eye Gua Sha Treatment (for Dark Circle)

Features: It

is a form of alternative therapy originated in China
uses smooth edged device to scrap skin surface
helps increase blood circulation, releases tension of muscle and boosts metabolism
visibly reduce Dark Circle around the eyes

More about the Photo Therapy Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Facial

Description: It is a Treatment for Aging Skin

Effects: It can enhance the collagen tissue, reduce fine lines, smooth and tender the skin, restore skin elasticity. Generally, after receiving 4-6 treatments, the result becomes visible.

It is quite easy to locate the spa in the bustling Bishan District. Simply look out for the Bishan CPF Building and you will be able to find the Supreme QX Beauty Spa in the opposite block.

The therapists and the staffs at this Beauty Spa Center are quite professional as they explain to me patiently about the effects of the Gua Sha and  Photo Therapy Facial Treatment before the actual treatment. However, please note that I am not allowed to take any photos during the Facial Treatment. Nevertheless, I can still remember that I particularly like the Gua Sha treatment as it is quite relaxing on my eyes. As for the PTO Skin Rejuvenation Facial Treatment, I find that that it is quite similar to the Radio Frequency Facial Treatment but it focuses more on building up the collagen contents in my skin.

After the Facial, I am quite amazed by the results. My skin looks so radiant and my eyes bags have reduced dramatically.

Just after the Facial Treatment

Don't I look radiant with my eye bags dramatically reduced?

Such is the magical powder of the TCM Healing Spa Therapy. Speaking of which, Supreme QX Beauty SPA also offers other TCM Healing Spa Therapy such as Oriental Imperial Style 3 in 1 Full Body Detox and "Yang Gui Fei" Royal Lymphatic Drainage Heat Therapy.

For more information about the various TCM Therapy Treatments at  Supreme QX , please visit its website: http://supremeqxspa.com.sg for more Information.

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