05 January 2014

Review of ASTALIFT Collagen 10000 Drink and a Giveaway Contest by Happy Huggers

Happy 2014!

In this brand new year, Shorthairlady is privileged to collaborate with Happy Huggers, an online E-commerce Store to bring you an exclusive Contest where you can stand to win Astalift Collagen Drinks and Trial Kits.

For your information, I have attended an event somewhere in November whereby I have personally met the folks behind the Happy Huggers platform. I am definitely impressed by their passionate missions of bringing Joy and Happiness to people from all walks of life. That is probably why they are named as Happy Huggers because everyone deserves to be happy.

More about Happy Huggers

Description: It is a corporate program under Upsell Direct Pte Ltd that is dedicated to giving you an enjoyable and differentiated shopping experience.

Website: http://www.happyhuggers.com.sg/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/happyhuggers

During the Happy Huggers Thanksgiving Event, a few of the bloggers (including me) are being introduced the Astalift Products. Frankly speaking, this is not my first encounter with Astalift as I have written a post: post about this award-winning Skincare brand from Japan. Till today, Astalift Star Product-Jelly Aquarysta remains one of my favourite skincare products because of its unique hydrating texture and anti-aging properties.

As it is in jelly form, some people may have mistaken it as a night jelly or moisturizing gel but the truth is that it is supposed to be used right after you have cleansed the face before applying the lotion and emulsion.

More about Astalift

Description: It is an award winning skincare brand from Japan

Features: This Range of Products
Stably delivers Astaxanthin into the skin
Provides hydration to all levels of the skin
Contains skillfully nano-sizing multiple ingredients to optimize capacity, stabilize quality and increase penetration.

This Range of Products contains:

Astaxanthin-Nature’s Most Powerful Anti-oxidant
Lycopene-Powerful Anti-oxidant that enhances Astaxanthin
3 types of collagen: Tri-peptide collagen, Acetyl Hydroxyl Proline and Nano-astaxanthin

Please note that I will only be reviewing the Astalift Collagen Drink in this post.

More about ASTALIFT Collagen 10000 Drink

Size per Bottle: 50ml

Calories per Bottle: 11 kcal

Amount of Collagen per Bottle: It contains Low molecule collagen 10,000 mg and 2 types of pico-collagen (proline/lysine)

No of Bottles per Box: 10

Recommended to consume: before sleeping

Flavour: Peach

Description: This collagen drink contains 3 major anti-oxidizing ingredients and 3 major skin-generating ingredients work to protect, aid, and generate bright and vibrant skin

Features: It is Non-caffeinated and contains no additives/preservatives.

Ingredients: Each bottle contains an abundance of
4mg Astaxanthin, citrus polyphenol 100mg and Vitamin C 270mg for combating the effects of damage, and
Marine Collagen 10000mg, hyaluronic acid 8mg and pico-hyaluronic acid for aiding and generating the next morning’s beauty.

Do you find that your skin has been lacking in firmness and has the following signs of aging lately?

If the answer is yes, this maybe a time for you to consider consuming collagen drink. The reason is simple as it works within the body to boast the production of collagen in the skin and hence improve the elasticity.

Although this is not the first time that I have consumed the collagen drink, I do find that this drink has a pleasant peachy taste which is not too astringent or fishy. Instead it has a light citrus flavour which slowly turns into a powdery aftertaste.Yes, it is as though I am having a mixed power collagen drink. If you are a regular collagen drinker, you will have notice the difference between the taste of the ready-made collagen drink and the powered collagen drink. Just think of the difference in taste between syrup and powder. Personally, I will prefer the powdered collagen drink as it does not taste like the “cough syrup” that one consumes. That is why I appreciate Astalift collagen drink as it makes my drinking experience a more pleasant one. Not to mention that it is non-caffeinated with no additives and preservatives.

It is recommended to consume 1 ASTALIFT Collagen 10000 drink at night before bed as our skin will regenerate during the night. 

This is because about 2000mg of collagen will decompose in our body every day. Therefore, it is very important for us to replenish 5,000 mg to 10,000 mg per day, taking into consideration that our skin will not reproduce back the 100% of the collagen that we have lost every day. More-ever, our collagen production level will surely decline over the years and we definitely need to consume a greater amount of collagen when we get older. However, it is practical to note that we should consume the collagen drink over a period of time as one will not really see a vast improvement in our skin complexion just by consuming merely 1 bottle of collagen drink.

In view of the New Year, Happy Huggers will be having 2 promotions on their website

More about Happy Huggers New Year Promotion 

The New Year,New You Collagen Set: Buy 2 boxes and get 6 bottles free is sold at $128 but actual worth is $180  http://www.happyhuggers.com.sg/products/collagen-drink-10000

The Travel Kit: is worth $68 each and sold on Happy Huggers at $19.90.

Do visit Happy Huggers Website if you are interested to purchase Astalift Products at Promotional Prices

Lastly, please also remember to visit Happy Huggers Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/happyhuggers for more Promotions and Products Updates.

Here comes the exciting moment.

More about the Happy Huggers Giveaway Contest

Date: 5th Jan 2014-15th Jan 2013

No of winners: 3


1 x Grand Prize: 26 Bottles of Astalift Collagen 10000 Drinks

2 X Consolation Prize: 1 Astalift Anti-ageing Travel Kit

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PS: Please note that this contest is open to all, including Singapore citizens, Permanent Residents and foreigners residing in Singapore

Good luck!!!


Richard Tay said...

So Wonderfully Awesome!!! Thank you Shorthairlady! Hope to win Astalift Collagen Drinks and Trial Kits.

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wonderful giveaway ......always so generous..