15 December 2013

Review of Orbis Petit Shake-Xmas Edition

With festive seasons just arriving at the doorsteps, it is inevitable that a lot of people, including me will be feasting with families, colleagues or even friends. Just this week alone, I will be attending 2 gatherings at various buffet restaurants. In order to control my daily calories intake, I need to replace some meals with a dietary product.

Here’s introducing Orbis Petite Shake- a healthy replacement meal which is packed with 10 kinds of vitamins, iron & fibre and only consists of around 160kcal(after mixing with milk).

More about Orbis

Origin: From Japan

Concept: ORBIS believes in delivering holistic beauty to its users. Beauty is achieved by starting from the inside-out. 

More about Orbis Diet Food

Description: It is a fun way to stay lean with these fun treats that are low in calories and sugar.

Features: It is 

and flavorful

More about Orbis Petite Shade

Price: S$6.90 (including GST) 

Serving per box: 100g x 2 sachets

6 regular flavours : 

Fresh Strawberry
White Grape & Aloe Vera
Orange Citrus
Pink Guava(Available in Singapore only)
Mixed Peach.

Features: It has

has a viscous, smoothie-like texture after mixing with cold milk because it contains Pectin -a thickening agent which is a natural ingredient found in plants/fruits such as apples, lemon etc., and is known to have moisture retaining properties 
Comes in individual aluminium sachets that become instant flavourful shakes when mixed with milk.
is packed with 10 kinds of vitamins, iron & fibre an average adult should consume per day. 
contains real fruit pulp, puree and fibre 
only consists of about 150kcal, even after mixing with milk.

Please note that limited edition flavours of ORBIS’ most popular diet food PETIT SHAKE will be available during the Christmas season.

More about the Orbis Limited Edition

Price: S$8.90 (including GST) 

Serving per box: 100g x 2 sachets

Available at: Robinsons Orchard


Caramel Pumpkin Pudding
Double Berry & White Chocolate
Mixed Berries
Cheese Mousse 

Features: It consists of about 160kcal after mixing with milk.

When I first attended Orbis Focus Group some months, I have already tried the various regular flavours of Petite Shake. This is really the first time that I have ever come across a liquid form of dietary products as I have only seen powder type of replacement products in the slimming market.

Petite Shake-Liquid Texture
Nevertheless, Orbis petite shakes are indeed yummy and taste just like Yoghurt drinks but with a thicker texture. Since I really love the milky taste of Yoghurt, I do want to consume this low calories replacement meal because it contains 10 kinds of vitamins, iron & fibre. 

Do note that the weight of each satchet is only around 100g.After adding in about 100ml of cold milk, it has a total liquid content of 200ml. I do find that this serving may not be adequate for people with a big appetite. Frankly speaking, I will like to consume the Petite Shake as a snack or a replacement substitute if I have a heavy meal on the very same day. This is because I am so used to having a full time meal and sometimes even after consuming a Yoghut or a milk shake, I still crave for proteins as the dairy products does not seem to curb my appetite. However, this is my own personal eating habit and I do recommend this product for people with normal and small appetite. By the way, please do not replace your regular meal with Petite Shakes for more than once in a single day.

The way to prepare this replacement meal is quite easy: 

Simply empty the content of the Orbis Petite Shakes into a cup or mug and add in 100 ml of cold milk.I will advise you to choose milk with the healthy logo or symbol, so as to control the calories intake.

Preparation of Orbis Petite Shake
Choose a Low or Non- Fat Milk
Stir and Blend well until the Petite Shake liquid has thickened. 

Pour in 100ml of Milk to Petite Shake
Stir and Blend Well until Mixture Thicken
It is indeed so easy to prepare the Petite Shake. But, I do understand that some of you are not exactly a milk lover or may be allergic to the Lactose components. If you are, please replace the milk with the soy milk instead.

I have tried the Christmas edition and my favourite flavour is none than the Caramel Pumpkin Pudding.

Amongst the 4 flavours, my favourite is Caramel Pumpkin Pudding

It has the sweetness of the Pumpkin with a soft bouncy pudding texture. Somehow, I always feel so happy after drinking this Petite Shake as because it tastes a bit likes my favourite mango pudding dessert. My second favourite is the Cheese Mousse as the flavour of this Limited Edition really tastes a bit like another favourite of my dessert, Cheese Cake.

As for the other flavours, I admit that I am not exactly a great lover of Double Berry & White Chocolate and Mix Berry. 

Lastly, please refer to Orbis FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/orbis.sg for more Promotions and Products Updates.

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