25 December 2013

Review of MyGenlife Slimming Nectar Drink

I have been indulging in Food these few weeks particularly because it is the Christmas seasons. Merry Xmas Everyone!!!

Somehow, I just wish for a slimming supplement that will help me control my carving and lost some weight. That is why I am so excited to try MyGenlife Slimming Nectar Drink-a natural slimming supplement drink.

More about  Mygenlife drinks

Beauty Collagen 12,000mg

Please note that I have only received MyGenlife Slimming Nectar Drink for Review.

More about MyGenlife Slimming Nectar Drink

Serving Size Per Bottle: 50ml

Price: S$49.90

No of bottles per Box: 6

Recommended Consumption: 1 Bottle per Day

Storage: In cool and Dry Place

Available at: Guardian and Hannah Holding Website:   http://hannah.com.sg/brands?page=shop.browse&category_id=3

Description:  It is a fast acting feel good drink-type slimming supplement.

Nutrition Fact Per Serving (50ml): It contains
Energy: 30.52Kcal
Carbohydrate: 5.44g
Protein: 0.06g
Fat: 0.62g

Main Ingredients: It contains

Chestnut Astringent Skin Extract -an all-natural ingredient that supports the reduction of carbohydrate absorption into your body. It improves your diet and helps manage your weight.
Chia Seed - great source of Omega-3 fats and fiber. It helps to boost energy, stabilize your sugar levels and aid in your digestion. It also contains Amino Acid which helps to regulate your appetite. All these ensure you have a trim and healthy figure.
Fibersol-2 -all natural dietary fiber made from corn which helps support a healthy digestive system.


If you are nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition, please consult a doctor before consuming this product.
Keep out of reach of children.

I have tried a several slimming drinks before but I admit MyGenlife Slimming Nectar Drink is one of the nicest that I have ever consumed before.  Unlike some of the slimming drinks that I have tasted, it has a sweeter flavour and does not taste too sour. For your information, the taste of Slimming Nectar Drink is a bit like water chestnut drink but with an Astringent Flavour, mainly because it contains Chestnut Astringent Skin Extract -an all-natural ingredient that supports the reduction of carbohydrate absorption into my body.

I do welcome such an ingredient in this slimming drink because the extra carbohydrate will be converted to fatty acids which are later stored as fat in the body. And if I will continue to eat more carbohydrate, chances are that the fats will be stored permanently in my body and I will gain more weight. That is why I tend to cut down on carbohydrate nowadays.

By the way, I will advise you to shake the bottle before consuming, so that you can taste the chia seeds from the first few sips. Apart from providing more Fiber to my digestive system, the chia seeds also provide a little chewing sensation when I am drinking this “water chestnut” slimming drink. 

It’s like framing up a nice painting, adding a little pleasant flavor to my taste buds. There is no designated time eg before breakfast to consume the MyGenlife Slimming Nectar Drink but please note to consume only 1 MyGenlife Slimming Nectar Drink per day. 

After consuming this product, I feel that this product is able to control my carvings for food to a certain extent but then again, I am not a big eater to begin with. Frankly speaking, I will not depend solely on this drink if I want to lose weight but rather I will treat it as a dietary supplement drink which can provide me fiber for a healthier digestive system. Even though I have constipation for the past 4 days, I am amazed that I have wake up in the middle of the night to get rid of my waste after consuming my very first bottle of  MyGenlife Slimming Nectar Drink the night before.

Lastly, please remember to visit Hannah Website: http://www.hannah.com.sg/ for more Promotions and Products Information.

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