29 December 2013

Review of Mosaic Skin Rejuvenation at Mendis Aesthetics & Surgery (Part 1)

Aesthetics treatments such as Cosmetic laser and injectable treatments are getting more popular nowadays because they offer an immediate improvement of the facial or skin appearance with a lower downtime.That is why I am so excited when Street Directory has invited me to do a review about the treatments at Mendis Aesthetics & Surgery, one of the finest Aesthetics Clinic in Singapore.

More about Mendis Aesthetics & Surgery

Description: It is a clinic set up by Dr Rohan Mendis, one of the foremost aesthetic doctors in Singapore.

Telephone: 62351728

Email: enquiries@drmendis.com

Mandarin Gallery Level 4
Unit No 17 333A Orchard Road
Singapore 238897

More about the Consultation

The location of this aesthetics clinic is quite easy to locate as it is situated at Level 4 of Mandarin Gallery. After filling in the registration form, the nurse shows me a booklet which showcases the different types of treatment services offered by Mendis Aesthetics & Surgery.

Frankly speaking, I do appreciate this kind gesture as I will have a clearer idea of the various aesthetics options available at this clinic.

Dr Mendis starts off the consultation by asking me to point out the skin problems and concerns that I am currently facing. He is indeed a friendly and patient doctor. Even though he has a lot of clients to attend to on that day, he still answers my questions about the various aesthetics procedure in a professional way and provides me insights of my current skin condition using an analysis machine.

 My no 1 concern is definitely the reddish eyes bags I have below my lower eyelids as they make me look listless and tired. It is as though I have insufficient sleep for many days. Unfortunately, Dr Mendis told me that my skin is sagging around the eye areas and that is why I have eye bags. And, the aesthetics treatment can only made my eye bags look less visible but it cannot removed them totally unless I go for eye bags surgery.Till now, I am still considering whether to go for eye bag operation. Nevertheless, Dr Mendis advises me to go for Mosaic Skin Rejuvenation- A procedure which can help to build up the collagen in the skin, (including the delicate eye areas) as well as reducing the opened pores around my T-Zone Area.

More about Mosaic Skin Rejuvenation

Commonly known : Fractional Laser Resurfacing

Suitable for: All Skin Types

For optimal results: 3-6 treatment sessions required

Description: It is an advanced aesthetic solution that utilizes the latest in fractional resurfacing technology to rejuvenate skin, reducing wrinkles, scarring, and skin laxity and safely restore aging and sun damaged skin.

Effects: It can

Provide routine rejuvenation of Facial Area
Treat Scars like Acne scars, surgical scars, trauma scars, burn scars, striae
Rejuvenate non facial areas such as hands, chest and neck
Help to reduce Wrinkles
Rejuvenate of sun damaged skin
Reduce large pores and smoothen rough skin texture
Eliminate Lesions such as melasma and age spots
Whiten uneven skin tones

The procedure of the Mosaic is quite simple and it is literally painless. Basically, the nurse will remove my makeup, apply a mild anesthetics cream & wrap a plastic film on my face.

Removing Makeup
Applying a mild anesthetics cream on my face
Wrapping a plastic film for better absorption of the anesthetics cream 
After waiting for around thirty minutes, the doctor perform this procedure on my face by moving the laser in repeated circular motions, particularly at the specific targeted area such as under my eyes and T-Zone. 

At this point, I can only feel a mild heat sensation on my face which is bearable and less painful as compared to Facial extractions and IPL. I will only refer to the procedure as a slightly discomfort experience rather than a painful one though. Well, the laser procedure is quite fast and before I know it, the nurse has applied a cooling mask on my face. 

By the way I am a bit nervous during the procedure as I have heard from my friends that laser treatment tend to be painful as it will penetrate through the deeper layer of the skin. But, Dr Mendis and the nurse really help me to overcome my uneasiness by explaining to me in details every single step of the Laser Treatment before the Actual Procedure.

After the Laser Treatment, my face does look reddish as if I have just been sunburnt. 

My face just minutes after the Mosaic Skin Rejuvenation
Side View of my Face after the procedure
1 Hour after the Procedure-My face is still reddish
In my case, the reddish actually continues for 3 day before disappearing. Apart from this “bronzed appearance on my skin, I have not encounter any discomfort or swelling on my skin. There is practically no down time as I am able to resume my daily activities and even apply makeup immediately just after the procedure. However, please note to slather on a good sunblock as the skin will become very sensitive after the procedure.

After 5 days, I do find that my pores are smaller and my complexion looks more even. 

5 Day after the Laser Treatment: My bare skin
And the best part is that the wrinkles or rather the crow's feet (Yes, I hate to admit that I have crow's feet on my eyes areas) are less prominent when I smile. Even though my eye bags still remain, somehow I just look more alert as the wrinkles and crow's feet are less visible around the delicate eyes areas. I am quite happy with these results at this moment. For your information I will be having another 2 more follow-up Laser treatments. Please refer to next previous post of the Mosaic Skin Rejuvenation as well as review of the Skincare Products at Mendis Aesthetics & Surgery.  

Lastly, please visit Mendis Aesthetics & Surgery Website: http://www.drmendis.com/ and FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/MendisAesthetics for more Information and Products Updates.

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