07 December 2013

Review of Exilis Treatment at Prive Aesthetics

With festive seasons just around the corner, it’s the time for me to meet up with friends again for a Christmas gathering. Somehow, as a beauty blogger, I will like to look younger, with less visible lines and a smoother complexion. That is why I am so excited when Cozycot has invited me for an aesthetic treatment review of Exilis at Prive Aesthetics.

More about Prive Aesthetics

Description:  It is one of Singapore’s most trusted medical aesthetics brand


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Singapore 238871

Tel: 6737 0755

More about Exilis Treatment
(Information from Exilis Brochure from Prive Aesthetics)

Price per Treatment: $650(Face) and $800(Body)

No of Treatments recommended for Visible Results: Typically 4 treatments session within 4 to 6 weeks.

Description: This is the fastest, most powerful non-invasive aesthetics device available today.

How it works: It uses safe and sophisticated thermal energy to induce positive changes in the skin and body. A comfortable deep heating sensation is experienced with each short treatment session.

Effects: It

Reduces wrinkles and remodels skin
Provides effective body contouring
Is not painful and there is no downtime
Is scientifically proven and clinically tested.

Frankly speaking, I do find that Exilis is a special aesthetics treatment because it can be used on the face and the body. Basically, it will be able to firm up your skin and body through the induction of minimal thermal radio frequency heat. I will like to refer it as a “wrinkles cum cellulite reduction” machine which can work to build up collagen on my face as well as contour my body shape.

When I arrive at Prive Aesthetics, I have no idea whether I will be doing this treatment on my face or body.

Finally, the answer reveals and I will be having 1 single session of Exilis treatment on my face.  I am a bit disappointed though as I know that it is recommended to have 4 sessions to achieve satisfactory results. Nevertheless, I still try this single sponsored session of Exilis treatment and I am already amazed by its effects to reduce my eye bags and dark eye circles.

During the session, the Facial therapist has told me that this treatment will work wonders for people with problems such as double chin and loose saggy skin.

The Facial Therapist who helps me do the Exilis Treatment. She is so patient and professional
Therefore, if you are facing such problems and will like to have an “instant fix” for the face without the need to go under the knife during the festive seasons, I will definitely suggest you to try the Exilis treatment.

The procedure of this treatment is quite simple and takes only 30 minutes. The therapist will apply the cooling gel on the face and move the Exilis computer-controlled delivery device on the targeted area. The trick here is for the therapist to keep the device at a constant heat temperature like 40 degrees, so that the radio frequency wave can penetrate readily into my skin to reduce lines and wrinkles. The heat is initially bearable when it is at my chin and cheek areas. But, it does get hotter when it is at my forehead area particularly because I am bony at this area of my face. At this point of time, I do understand the need for the therapist to reapply the cooling gel on my face because sometimes I will get a bit uncomfortable with this increased heat sensations. Other than this “heat discomfort”, this treatment is literally painless without any downtime but please note that there may be temporary pinkness or redness in the skin which will quickly subside within half an hour after the treatment.

The effects indeed are wonderful and I just wish that I will be sponsored more sessions of Exilis Treatment. Firstly, my laughing lines are reduced and my skin is more firm up. It is as though a significant amount of collagen has been pumped into my laughing lines. Secondly, I look more alert and less tired as my eyes bags have been slightly reduced. In case you are wondering, the Exilis procedure can also be done on the eyes as well.

Before & After: My face looks more firm up and I look more alert.
Bare Face after 1 single Exilis Treatment. My Eyes Bags are less visible!!!
Lastly, please visit Prive Aesthetics website: http://www.priveaesthetics.com/ and FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/priveclinic for more aesthetics treatment information and promotions.

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