15 December 2013

Review of Brigitte Makeup Products

Although I cannot attend the Launched Event due to work commitments, the kind people of Brigitte has send me a cosmetic hamper for review.

Thank you so much for giving a chance to try and review Brigitte Makeup Products.

Here are the products inside the hamper: Brigitte

Romantic Eyes
Fantastic Deep Mascara
Nudie Contrast Powder
Marble Creamy Cheeks
And Romantics Eyelash

More about the Brigitte Brand

Origin of the Name: From France

Concept: Its aim to promote the culture of “kawaii”.

Suitable for: Girls looking for natural but unique makeup. They are different, classy yet edgy with style.

Let us take a look at the Brigitte Products that I have received.

More about the Brigitte Romantic Eyes

Size: 38g

Price: $27.90

Texture: Velvety smooth in texture and delivers silky finish colours.

Short Review:
For your information, this is a 4 eye shadow Palette and I have received the GD-1 Shade which is more of a golden brown colour tones.

I particularly like its smooth texture as it is so easy to apply it on my eyes. And, I can foresee myself using this palette whenever I wear clothes of a warm colour tone.

More about the Brigitte Fantastic Deep Mascara

Size: 30g

Price: $28.90

Shades: Black and Pink Brown

Features: It

Contains double fiber


Effects: It helps to achieve without thick lumps yet creates ample volume looking lashes.

Usage: Brush outwards from root of lashes.

Remove it by : using warm water

Short Review:
For your information, I have received the Pink Brown Mascara. Frankly speaking, this is the first time that I have ever used a brown colour Mascara and I am a bit worry that it may highlight my lashes in an unnatural way.

 I am glad that I have taken the first step to try this product as the effects turned up to be amazing. It’s more of a romantic type of effect where by my lashes look a bit dreamy as it is more of a golden brown in colour.

 And, the wonderful thing is that the double fibres do not clump up and smudge my eyes unintentionally.

More about Brigitte Nudie Contrast Powder

Size: 39g

Price: $25.90

Shades: BE-I and OC-1

Features:  This is a nudie contrast powder which accentuates the best feature instantly.

Short Review:
I always like to use highlighter in between my 2 eyebrows, so that it can cause a false illusion that my nose bridge looks a bit higher. Since I have received the OC-1 Shade,I do find that the colour of this product is more of a peachy tone which can effectively highlight various facial features such as my cheek bones.

More about Brigitte Creamy Cheeks

Size: 25g

Price: $18.90

Shades: Pink, Coral and Orange

Effect: This is a good blend of 3 tone marble blush which brings out the rosy dewy look.

Short Review:
I have received the Orange Colour Tone-OR. I am initially a bit puzzle about the texture of this Brigitte Cheek colour since I am so used to the powder type of Busher. 

For your information, this product is of a creamy texture  whose 3 tone colour blends well together  to create a soft natural rosy blush on my face. Somehow, it is not as dramatic as I thought that it will be. This is definitely a perfect combination with the Brigitte Romantic Eyes GD-1 Shade which I have received. 

More about Brigitte Romantic Eyelash

Price: $18.90

Features:  It

Is thinner and lighter than regular fake lashes in the market
Is Made of extra fine hair-45 denier

Creates that charming big eyed doll look without adding any stress and discomfort to the eyes.

Please note that I will not be reviewing this product as my eye is a bit sensitive to the false eyelash glues.

More about the Makeup Look

This is a makeup look that I have created using the Brigitte Products except for the False Eyelash. I like the romantic colour theme of this Brand of makeup as it makes me look more elegant and ladylike.

Lastly, please like the Brigitte FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/BrigitteCosmeticsSingapore for more Products Updates and Promotions.

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