14 December 2013

Media Event and Review of Suisse Programme Platinum Precious Eye Products

Do you know that the areas around the eyes are quite delicate in nature? That is why we have to choose a good eyes care product when we have problems such as dark eye circles and wrinkles.

Here’s introducing the Suisse Programme Platinum Precious Eye care range-Products that can penetrate into the skin to combat all signs of aging around the eyes area.

Before I go on to the detailed products description, here is a Chinese commercial starring Suisse Programme Asia Ambassor, Ms Vivian Chow(周慧敏小姐).

By the way, thanks to the invitation by SASA Singapore, I have attended the Suisse Programme Media Launch somewhere back in Oct 2013.

Frankly speaking, I am so excited about attending this media event because I can get to meet Ms Vivian Chow in real person. She is like a goddess of the showbiz as she is well known for her lady like stage image.

I particularly like her Chinese duet song, Liu Yan流言 when I am still in school.

During the event, all the bloggers, including me, are invited to take a group photo with her.

Wow, she is really a legend as signs of aging do not show on her face. She still looks so young and beautiful!!!

More about Suisse Programme Range

Description: Dedicated to provide the best skincare products with the most advanced technology, originated and successfully developed in Switzerland, Suisse Programme has proven its excellence since the launch of the brand’s original range – the Silver Line in 1997 with the discovery of the advanced purifying formulation based on cellular research.

Available exclusively at : SASA

Eyes Range: Suisse Programme Platinum

Precious Luxury Eye Concentrate
Precious Luxe Eye Cream

It will:

Hydrates and reinforces moisture retention.
Strengthens skin’s natural defence system
Restore skin’s youth with vitality and radiance,

It contains:

Platinum Precious-regulates skin’s electrical balance to boost up metabolism and recharges cell with youthful energy

Exclusive Biodynamic Cellular Complex(BCC)-contains 7 active ingredients to rebuild DNA Communication mechanism, stimulates fibroblasts to improve collagen and elastin production.

Plantactiv Centella-contains high concentration of Centella Asiatic, a natural yet powerful anti-oxidant that boosts collagen synthesis.

More about Suisse Programme Platinum Precious Luxury Eye Concentrate

 Size: 15ml

Price: $275

Texture: Lightweight

Effects: Eyes appear younger and brighter with sparkling charm.

It also contains: BIOPHYTEX ES-lightens dark circles and soothes fatigue.

Usage: Morning and evening after cleansing, gently tap a small amount into the eye area with fingertips, continuing over the eyelid. Follow with Platinum Precious Luxe Eye Cream for a complete eye contour anti-aging regimen.

Since there are 2 Platinum eyes care products under the Suisse Programme, please note to use the Eye concentrate followed by the Eye Cream. Frankly speaking, I am still trying to figure out the reason for using 2 eye products at a single skincare regime. My guess is that the 2 eyes products have different functions. The Platinum Precious Luxury Eye Concentrate will be able to restore the youth and firm up the delicate around the eyes while the Eye Cream is like an intensive treatment product whereby it targets the 7 most prevalent signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and even dark under eyes circles.

In comparison, I do prefer the Precious Luxury Eye Concentrate over the Platinum Precious Luxe Eye Cream as it is lighter and less oily in nature.

During the application, the eye concentrate will transform itself into a mild watery texture before penetrating into my skin. As a result, my skin is a bit hydrated and feels smoother. 

After application of the eye concentrate
Kindly do not rub the eye concentrate into the skin but please tab this product into the eyes area with the ring finger. 

More about Suisse Programme Platinum Precious Luxe Eye Cream

Size: 15ml

Price: $275

Texture: Smooth and rich

Effect: It will give the eyes a luminous lift.

It also contains: TONISKIN and Polylift-revitalizes and helps restore elastricity in the delicate eyes areas

Usage: Morning and evening after cleansing, gently smooth over the whole eye contour area with fingertips following the usage of num Precious Luxury Eye Concentrate.

Since this is an eye cream product, it is expected that its texture will be oilier as compared to the eye concentrate. 

Just think of the eye concentrate as a serum and the eye cream as the facial cream. That is the difference between the 2 textures. Although I do not like my eye product to be oily, the irony is that I need it to be oily and in cream form because I suffer from eye bags and darks eye circles. Somehow, the eye concentrate is unable to really tackle my aging eyes problem as it only works to firm up the eyes areas. But, this eye cream is able to slightly reduce my lines and wrinkles and I look more energetic and less tired looking. 

After application of the Eye Cream
Therefore, for best results, it is better to use both the Platinum Precious Luxury Eye Concentrate and the Platinum Precious Luxe Eye Cream together.

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