06 December 2013

Keranove - The Beauty Promise for Gorgeous Hair

This is another article written by my Guest Blogger, Ling Fang about the launched of a new haircare brand in Singapore. Read on and find out what she has to say about Keranove.

Kéranove - The Beauty Promise for Gorgeous Hair (by Ling Fang)

Carol got me an invite for the launch of a new haircare brand in Singapore, Kéranove. The event was held at LÈ Restaurant and Bar by Paradise Group in Suntec City Mall.

I was looking forward to it—there were new products to experience and good food—what’s not to love?

More about The Keranove Brand

With a tagline that reads “The Beauty Promise for Gorgeous Hair”, this brand promises a lot for the modern woman (and man). Given all the “torture” we subject our hair to (colouring, highlighting, rebonding, perming etc.), it is important that we find good products to use to care for our scalps and hair. The Kéranove brand has existed since 1966, and is the one of the most popular brands in the hair colour market in France. Every product in this haircare range has formulas containing Dermo-Kératyl, which is a complex that helps to revitalise scalp and hair.

Each product also has natural active ingredients with plant extracts tested under dermatological control and is paraben-free (a major plus point!).

More about Keranove  Haircare and Colour Products

There are 7 major categories for each hair type, colour-coded for easy recognition: 

1. Dry/Damaged Hair ~ yellow

2. Coloured Hair ~ red
3. Dandruff (Dry/Oily) ~ blue
4. Hair Loss Treatment ~ grey

5. Thinning Hair ~ pink

6. Oily Hair ~ aquamarine

7. Normal Hair ~ green

The Oleo Colour DIY Treatment was also introduced. What impressed me the most was that this product is ammonia-free and paraben-free which gives it many brownie points in my book.

I will definitely try to colour my hair at home with this product (it will be my maiden DIY attempt). The hair colour comes in 9 trendy colours. I am liking “Shiny Hazelnut Brown” and “Flamming Copper”. Another thing I really like is that there are gloves that cover the wrists and protection for the sides of spectacles for us speckies in the box.

The Experience

At the beginning of the event we were introduced to a model who was going to DIY-dye her hair to show us at the end of the event. She picked the “Flamming Copper” colour, which turned out beautifully. There was no ammonia or odour at all, and hair remains soft with the treatment included.

During the event Kéranove treatment ampoules were also passed around for us to try.

I am unable to write out the full effects of the treatment but from what I have tested the treatment liquids are watery, not greasy or sticky and softened the bits of hair I scrunched them on. Another product I will gladly try for full effects!

This sweet-smelling brand of haircare and colour is affordable and exclusive to Watsons Singapore, so visit your nearest Watsons store and get it to try!

Note on the restaurant

We were very impressed with the restaurant décor, ambience and food. I will term the food as modern-chinese-fusion. You have to see it to believe it, just take a look at the pictures below! I, for one, have never heard of “cream of bak kut teh”, have you?

Menu of the Day

Szechuan style poached chicken with peanut sauce & yuan-yang prawn
Cream of Bak Kut Teh
Sweet & Sour Pork with Mint
Stir-Fried Kailan with Preserved Vegetable
Stir-Fried Angel Hair with Seafood in Truffle Oil
Chilled Mango Puree with Sago
Overall, I have an enjoyable time at Keranove Bloggers Event. Do remember to try out Keranove Haircare Products as they contain natural active ingredients with plant extracts.

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