13 December 2013

Food Review: Mischiefous Gelato Ice-cream

Icy and sweet…who can resist the temptation of Gelato Ice cream? Oh, I definitely can’t. That is why I need to brush aside all my strict diet plans when Street directory has invited me for a sponsored ice-cream review at Mischiefous. Since I can bring a friend to this ice-cream tasting session, I have invited my fellow workshop classmate, Flore from Grace Tan’s Blogging Workshop.

By the way, Flore has just started blogging recently and here is her blog link:  http://floreleng.wordpress.com/.

More about Mischiefous

Opening hour: 12pm - 10pm.

Address: 801 Tampines Ave 4, #01-261 (S) 520801


Upon entering the shop, I am amazed by the wide variety of Gelato ice-cream that they served.

They have the typical classic flavours that are normally found at Gelato Ice-cream shop such as Mango, Oreo, Lime, Mint and Banana.If you are more adventurous and just like to try something different, there are always choices such as Dragon Fruit, Pistachio and even Horlick available at Mischiefous.

What’s more, one can actually sample the Gelato ice cream before ordering the standard, classic or the premium flavours.

After sampling almost all the various flavours of the ice-cream, I have decided to go for Dragon Fruit and Pistachio whereas Flore have ordered the Bubble Gum and the New York Cheese Cake Flavours.

Flore has ordered the Bubblegum and the New York Cheese Cake Flvour.

For your information, Mischiefous is a nice hang out place for family and friends to have Gelato Ice-cream, chill out and chit chat. It’s also a place for you to flaunt your creativity as you can draw on their glass panel wall.

And, that is what my friend, Flore did. Don’t you find her drawings cute?


Other than the 4 ice-cream flavours that we have chosen, the staff also serves us its signature waffle.

This is certainly my favourite food of the day at Mischiefous because the crispy texture of the waffle can somehow compliment the soft and smooth Gelato ice-cream, making it a perfect dessert after a dinner. However, I do find that the size of the waffle is quite huge and a little bit too filling for a lady like me because Flore and I have just eaten our dinner.  Therefore, I will recommend you to share the waffle if you happen to come to Mischiefous with your family and friends.


Here are my reviews of the Dragon Fruit and Pistachio Flavour.

Dragon Fruit

Frankly speaking, I do find that the Dragon Fruit Flavour is quite sweet and does not exactly resemble the taste of the tropical fruit that I have in mind. Maybe I am too used to the citrus fruity taste of the Dragon Fruit. Nevertheless, I will still feel a mild “Dragonfruit” aftertaste when the ice-cream has slurped down the throat. After 4 or 5 bites, I gradually get used to this sweet flavour and find that it’s really not a bad flavour after all.


This is another of my favourite. I will definitely recommend this dessert item to people out there who do not like their Gelato ice-cream too sugary a flavour. In fact, this is a salty ice-cream which can just balance out the sweetness of the Gelato ice ice-cream. In my opinion, this is the real Pistachio ice-cream as I can simply savour the nutty aroma and taste of this cashew nut.

Ice-Latte and cappuccino

Even though the staff has served us the Ice-Latte and cappuccino, I admit that my stomach does not have any room left for these 2 coffee drinks after eating the ice-cream and the waffle. 

Therefore, I shall not be providing any food review. 

Overall, I have a wonderful time at Mischiefous and I will like to thank Street directory for the invitation.

Lastly, please refer to Mischiefous website: http://www.streetdirectory.com/mischiefus/ and FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/Mischief3us for more Informations and Promotions.

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