22 December 2013

An interesting Pantene Video to share

Do you know that Pantene has recently caused quite a stir in the Philippines and now around the world (including Singapore) with an online video tackling gender labels? Well, if you have not, read on as I can assured you that this is quite an interesting video to watch.

More about the Pantene Online Video

Background: Early in 2013, the issue of gender bias in the workplace made headlines in a big way as a result of Sheryl Sandberg’s global bestseller Lean In, which examined why women are still struggling to make progress and encourages women to overcome it.

Intent : This Video is to highlight the bias and encouraging women to stay strong and shine.

Description: The 60-second film explores hidden gender double standards in the workplace – a theme inspired by the fact that there still exists a notion that women cannot be too assertive or strong-willed when it comes to getting what they want.

No of Views: In a little more than a month, the video generated more than seven million views and thousands of comments around the globe.

Mentioned by: 

Forbes- has quoted the video for portraying gender labels effectively
Time- has lauded Pantene’s efforts to break down ever sexist workplace stereotype in one ad.
in the United States, on programmes such as ABC World News Tonight and even Good Morning America.

My View:
I do think that this is quite an interesting Video as it highlights the double standards between the 2 genders, Men and Women. Even though we are modern women, sometimes we are still being labelled as Bossy, Pushy, Selfish, Vain and Show-Off. However, under the same circumstances, men are only being seen as Boss, Persuasive, Dedicated, Neat and Smooth. Such a great differences! I guess it really traces all the way back in history where women are seen as the weaker sex who has to depend solely on their father and brothers before they are married & husband and sons after they have started their own families.

Nowadays, times have changed and I glad that I am living in this modern world. If I have lived in the olden days, I may not even have a chance to go to school and get a decent education. Luckily, I was borne in the modern world whereby I can choose to start my very own beauty blog. By the way , I do think that being confident in our own skin in the 21st century will give us the courage to embrace and overcome challenges in life. Therefore, we need not have to bother or worry about what these Gender Labels so long as we believe in our own ability to accomplish and achieve the goals which we have set for ourselves. Surely, strong and beautiful hair will help women to feel confident and empowered. That is why Pantene has launched various Hair Care Products to help women to protect and nourish their hair.

I will really to know your views on this Video. Do share with me your thoughts either as a comment in this post or on my Facebook Page

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