24 November 2013

Watsons Firsts Party: Introduction of New and Exclusive Brands & Products And a Giveaway Contest

To commemorate the first birthday of its revamped flagship store at Takashimaya Shopping Centre in October, Watsons has hosted its first-ever closed-door VIP sale featuring exclusive and widely-anticipated brands and products.

And, I am one of the bloggers who have been priviledged to attend the Watsons Firsts Media party at its Flagship store last month.

During the Media preview, Watsons announced that they will once again be introducing a plethora of on-trend beauty brands and products from around the world. And these new and exclusive brands include:

More about Collection (Exclusive to Watsons)

Description:  Founded in 1987, COLLECTION, previously known as Collection 2000, is renowned for fun, fashionable, on-trend and affordable makeup. 

Signature Products include:

Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liners ($16.90)-available in 11 sparkling shades 
Cream Puff Lip Cream ($12.50)-hybrid of lipstick and lipgloss in velvety soft, retro candy colours

Extreme 24 Hour Felt Lip Liner ($16.90 -quick-dry, smudge free and transfer resistant

 Colour Pout Lip Stain ($12.90)-easy-to-use highlighter pen format in six shades of romantic pink

More about BRIGITTE (Exclusive to Watsons)

Description: It aims to help ordinary girls transform into ‘Kawaii’ goddesses in just a few simple steps


 Romantic Eyelash ($18.90): Available in a variety of styles, including Chouchou (for a more elegant look), Noble (color mix lashes) and Frill (romantic look)

 Creamy Shimmering Eyes ($23.90): available in three shimmery shades
 Fantastic Deep Mascara ($28.90): Available in Deep Black and Pink Brown.

2. Cheek

•BRIGITTE Marble Creamy Cheeks ($18.90): available in three blends

3. Face 

•BRIGITTE Nudie Contrast Powder ($25.90): available in two shades

PS: I will be reviewing BRIGITTE Products at a Separate Post.

More about SunKiller

Description: This brand offers you the perfect sunblock wardrobe to suit your different skin conditions, occasions and lifestyles!

Products include:

• Perfect Strong Plus ($14.90, 30ml) -a hybrid UV cut powder which improves the way it clings to your skin for even, long-lasting protection.
• BB Perfect Strong A ($14.90, 30ml) –Contains BB properties to achieve a natural and flawless finish
• Mild Milk ($14.90, 30ml) – Gentle on sensitive and children (over 1 year of age) skin.
• Cool Perfect Strong ($14.90, 30ml) -Has a pleasant cooling menthol sensation
• Clear Water A ($14.90, 27ml) –Contains a transparent, light formula which allows easy application over the skin

More about Bio-essence (Exclusive products to Watsons)

Description: It is a consumer favourite and award-winning brand of facial, eye and body care products.

Latest Product: 

The Bio-essence Bio Water Power Protect Cooling Sunscreen SPF 56 (For Face) ($25.90) -provides long-lasting and high sun protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

More about Dr Vincent (Exclusive to Watsons)

Description: Born out of the latest technologies relating to formulations, this new skincare line has undoubted efficacy.

Signature Products : Serums infused with Grapevine Blossom Cells

• Moisturizing : Active Spring Moisturizing Serum
 -results in a 28% increase in water retention and derma of 28% after 30 minutes of application.

• Correcting : Regenerating Serum
- results in a firmer, more elastic and resistant skin with a 16% increase in the elastine rate.

• Unifying : Renovating Serum
-Anti-oxidant, oxygenating and reviving the respiration of the skin, it allows for better cellular respiration for effective removal of toxins

More about Laboratories Kéranove (Exclusive to Watsons)

Description: Founded in 1966, Laboratoires Kéranove is a recognized hair expert that launched the first transversal range of shampoos, hair care and colouring products containing processed natural extracts to treat both scalp and hair.

Signature Products:

Dry and damaged hair: enriched with Active Wild Mango Concentrate to repair and hydrate dry and damaged hair. Includes shampoo ($19.90, 250ml), conditioner ($19.90, 200ml), mask ($29.90, 250ml) and treatment ($29.90, 5x10ml)

PS: My guest blogger and I have been invited to Laboratories Kéranove Bloggers Event and we will do a more Detailed Post about its Products at a separate post.

More about SkinBiotics (Exclusive to Watsons)

Description: It is a revolutionary nutri-beauty system personalized to individual skin conditions’ needs.

Latest Products: EVEN+WHITER SKIN BOOSTER ($89).helps to lighten two shades of skin but also reduces melanin, skin blemishes and increase skin immunity and radiance.


Description: BeautyBiotics is a dermatologica cosmetics brand that is founded on an Innovation x

Latest Product: Dream Cream Range:

• Radiance Exfo Jelly ($43) - An exfoliating jelly + peel infused with AHA + BHA fruit enzymes
• Collagen Cleanse ($43) - Collagen powder foaming cleanser combined with nano collagen for daily use
• BB/CC Cream ($39) - 12-in-one advanced blemish balm + color corrector
• Perfecting BB+ Powder ($45) – BB+ Nano Luminescene Mineral Pearl Powder
• UV-White Nano Powder ($49)– UV White Nano Mineral Powder

More about Sonispa (Exclusive to Watsons)

Description: An internationally recognized beauty equipment manufacturer in the application of ultrasound technology.

Latest Products:

• Sonispa Ultrasonic Deep Facial Spatula-deeply cleanses pores, re-activates skin cells, and provides lifting and astringent effects to the skin. Retails at $299.

• Sonispa Ultrasonic Body Slim Massager – Red Light
 allows for an increase in product penetration into the skin layer to break down fat molecules Retails at $299.

Please like Watsons FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/watsons.sg  for more Promotions and Updates.

By the way, Watsons has kindly sponsored me a Goodie Box full of Skincare and Makeup Goodies.

Here comes the Good News:

I will be giving away some of the Skincare and Makeup Products which I have received in the Watsons Beauty Day out Goodies Box.

More about the Watsons Giveaway Contest:

Date: 24 Nov 2013-4 Dec 2013


Gift  Set A: 
  • 1 Keranove Conditioner for Oily Hair 200ml
  • 1 Brigitte Glamorous Volume Mascara Black 32g
  • 1 Bio-essence Bio Water Power Protect Cooling Sunscreen SPF 56 40 ml

Gift Set B:
  • 1 Box of Skinbiotics Even+ Whiter Skin Booster-21 Capsules
  • 1 Dr Vincent Moisturizing : Active Spring Moisturizing Serum 30ml
  • 1 Beautybiotics Day Dream Testing Sample 

Here is how you can participate: 

Simply :
  • A person can choose to participate to win both Gift Set A and Gift Set B. However, each person is only entitled to 1 prize
  • 2 lucky winners will be chosen at random from all participants who have successfully done the required actions at the FB Post.

Good luck!!!

Terms & Conditions of this giveaway:

• Only people residing in Singapore will be allowed to take part in the Contest as I will not be able to arrange for overseas postage of prize
• The contest is to held from 24th November 2013- 4th December 2013.
• Any entries received beyond the time of 00:00 5th Dec 2012 will not be considered as a valid entry.
• There will be a total of 2 winners—1 for Gift A and 1 for Gift B respectively
• The 2 winners will be determined among the participants who have done the Required Actions at the Facebook Posts.
• Once the winners are chosen, the decision is final unless the 2 winners do not respond to my winning notification Facebook Message or stay in Singapore.
• If the winner cannot be contacted after the designated date stated in the Facebook Message or staying overseas, I reserved the right to pick another winner.

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