04 November 2013

Origins: Bloggers Event, Reviews of Smarty Plants CC SPF 20 & Make A Difference Plus+ Serum

Origins has always been one of my favorite skincare brands as it contains natural plant extract ingredients. This is great for my sensitive skin as it does not clog my pores. That is why I am always very excited to attend Orgins Bloggers Event.

The latest Bloggers Event is held at the Lawn at Shenton-AXA Tower.

I do find that having this Bloggers Event at a Salad Bar Cafe represents the tagline of Origins: Powdered by Nature since we are being served healthier nature food on that day.

Basically, the event is being organized for the Launched of 2 Origins Products, namely:  Origins Smarty Plants CC Skin complexion corrector and Make A Difference Plus+  Serum.

More about the Origins Smarty Plants CC SPF 20 PA+++ Skin complexion corrector

Shade: Light/Medium

Price: $60

Available at : All Origins counters

Effects: It

blocks up to 100% of environmental damage caused by free radicals.
colors correct and brighten skin tone
hydrates skin while reducing the appearance of fine dry lines
creates a radiant complexion

Features and Ingredients: Smarty Plants-The Intuitive Delivery System features 3 distinct processes that selectively protect, perfect and correct skin :

System 1: Protects-The first processes’ encapsulated key ingredients activate when exposed to UV, ozone and pollution

      o Green & White Tea-Release age-fighting antioxidants when skin is exposed to UV rays
      o Vitamin C & Vitamin E-Protect skin against pollution, ozone and environmental stressors
      o Thermus thermophiles-Microscopic algae converts oxidative stress from pollution
into light hydration

System 2: Perfects- The second process perfects skin’s surface texture with time-released smoothing ingredients

      o Encapsulated Salicylic Acid & Chestnut Extract- Gradually release to smooth skin’s surface texture creating a “flawless” complexion over time

System 3:Corrects- The third process color corrects via mechanically released encapsulates triggered by physical pressure

      o Plant-coated mineral pigments- Instantly corrects blotchy and intuitively adjusts to match skin tones

Have you tried BB Cream before? I surely have but I really hate the oily texture of this skincare cum makeup Product. Since CC is supposed to be more advanced than BB, it’s logical that I am expecting it to perform better in terms of coverage.

Frankly speaking, this is the first time that I have ever tried a CC Cream and I really admit that it’s much better than the texture of the BB Cream. Unlike the BB Cream, this product feels lighter and moisturizing on my skin. 

After spreading out the CC Cream, it will disappear without a trace by blending in with the nature color of my skin. 

It’s as though it is embracing my skin tone with clarity and radiance. Instantly, my face brightens up and no one can tell that I have actually applied the CC Cream on my face.

Before Applying CC: My Bare Face
After : Applying CC
Since it is able to balance out my uneven skin tone without a cakey texture, I suppose this is probably the reason why it is called Complexion Corrector (CC Cream). 

I simply like this product because it has dual usages. For your information, it can be used as a CC Cream on its own or a Makeup Base underneath the Foundation. Well, this is certainly a good way to save money as I need not have to get both the BB Cream and the Makeup Base Products. The only drawback about this product is that I will still need to use concealer on my dark eye circles. Please do not apply this product around the eyes area though. And, if you have serious acne, I will also like to advise you to use concealer on top of this product. This is because the CC Cream may not provide the heavy coverage that is needed to conceal these blemishes. 

More about Origins Make a Difference Plus+ hydrating System

Products: This system contains: Make A Difference Plus+ 

Treatment Lotion
Rejuvenating Treatment Gel

Effect: It delivers moisture to thirsty skin by creating a water reservoir

Please note that I will only be posting information and Review on the Make A Difference Plus+ Serum in this post.

More about Origins Make A Difference Plus+ Serum

Size:  30ml

Price: $82

Effects: It creates satisfying, oil-free hydration and helps restore strength to skin’s moisture barrier while creating an internal reservoir of hydration.

Ingredients: It contains:

Rose of Jericho-famous resurrection plant known for its hygroscopic properties, offers skin instant and long moisturisation, helps correct existing dryness and damage 

Lychee and Watermelon Extracts-boost moisture in skin
Rhodocrosite-A red gemstone that boosts urea, an important component of Nature Moisture Factor
Padina Pavonica-A brown algae resistant to dry out, helps effectively to seal in moisture and defend against dryness.
Bergamont, Lemon,Orange, Spearmint, Rose and Vetiver-imparts a light, refreshing scent.

Hydration plays an important part in keeping the skin firm and taut. This is in regardless of the skin type that one has, be it combination, oily or dry.  Combination and Oily Skin will need the moisture to balance the surplus oil secretion of the skin gland whereas the Dry Skin will need it to strengthen the skin barrier functions. Therefore, choosing a Good Hydrating Serum remains one of the most important steps in the Skin Care Regime. And I will certainly consider Origins Make A Difference Plus+ Serum because it is non-oily and light in texture.

Origins Skincare Product are made from Plants Extracts and therefore will give off a Natural Scent when applied. Just like all other Origins Product, this product is not an exception.  It contains a lot of Plants ingredients such as Rose of Jericho, Lychee and Watermelon Extracts etc which will help to boost the moisture skin of the dehydrated skin.

Indeed, when I apply this product, I discovered that it will turn into a thin watery film before fully absorbed into my skin.

And the end result is that my skin feels supple and hydrated as though it has been replenished with a reservoir of water.

Lastly, please like Origins FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/origins.singapore for more Promotions and Updates.

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