26 November 2013

Bloggers Food Tasting Session at Uncle Leong Seafood Resturant- Punggol Outlet

If you have been following my blog, you will have known that it is mainly focusing on Beauty Products. However, I have always wanted to expand it to cover the lifestyle Sector as well. And, from this month onward, I will be posting a series of Food Reviews every now and then.

In this post, I will be posting the Food Review on Uncle Leong Seafood -Punggol Branch.

For your information, they have a total of 4 outlets in Singapore but I will only be writing about this Seafood Restaurants located at Punggol Sport Hub. To get there, you can either take Bus No: Bus No 3, 50, 83,85 and 569 or alight at Riviera LRT Stop.

More about Uncle Leong Seafood

Address: 6 Tebing Lane #01-03 Punggol East S(828835)

Tel: 6441 1848

Food Review:

I still find that Uncle Leong Seafood served delectable Seafood Dishes at this Punggol outlet. I will definitely recommend you to try both the Fortune Chicken and the Shimmering Sand Crab Delight. Somehow, I just love the herbal fragrance of the chicken and the unique signature Sauce of the Crab. 

Check out the reviews of the various Seafood Dishes that I have tried during the Food Tasting Session:

Fortune Chicken 富贵鸡  $50

Unlike some of the Herbal Chicken that I have tasted, this dish is not too oily in texture and does not have a bitter aftertaste. In fact, the Herbal taste is not too strong but it sure compliments the tender flavor of the chicken.

"Chye Poh" Steam Fish 菜脯鱼 $56

Frankly speaking, this is really the first time that I have ever tasted a Steam Fish Dish which is cooked with Chye Poh. When I first see its name on the Menu, I am expecting it to be quite salty because of the Chye Poh ingredient. Surprisingly, the Chye Poh has a little bit of sweet taste which is not too salty and it does add that distinctive fragrance to enhance the delicate texture of the fish. 

Guinness Pork Rib 黑啤酒排骨 $20

It is not exactly my favourite dish as it is being cooked with Guinness. I find that the Pork Ribs’ Skins are not very crispy and the overall taste is a bit too astringent with the flavour of the beer. Frankly speaking, I still cannot accept the idea of adding Guiness to the Pork Ribs. But, I do understand that this is another of Uncle Leong’s signature dish and may appeal to people who love to eat Guinness Pork Ribs.

Chinese Spinach with Eggs 三黄苋菜 $15

In general, the Chinese Spinach has that “mineral” taste. Although it is not a vegetable that I will particularly like but I will still eat it because of its high nutritious value such as protein and Vitamin C. I do enjoy this dish because the Spinach has been cooked to the right texture-Not too raw or overcook. 

Mini Wok Beancurd 锅仔豆腐 $15

This Mini Wok Beancurd tastes the best when it is being served sizzling hot. Do remember to stir this Dish just before eating. Please note that it is a slight spicy dish but I do find it quite appetizing. The Beancurds are quite soft and tender and the sauce will go well with a bowl of rice.

Shimmering Sand Crab Delight  金沙蟹 (Price depends on Crab's Weight)

This is the No 1 Must Try Dish at Uncle Leong Seafood Restaurant. With sizes slightly larger than Normal Crab, you can be well assured that the Crabs here are Meaty and Fleshy.

The Shimmering Crab has a fine texture and sweet “ocean” taste that will definitely capture the heart of all Seafood Lovers. More-ever, it is being drizzled with Uncle Leong’s signature sauce and topped with a sprinkle of oat. The Sauce tastes a bit like cheese but less creamy, with a bit of spicy herbal aftertaste. And, please remember to dip the bun with the sauce, so that you can savour the delicious flavor of this unique cheesy sauce.

White Pepper Crab白胡椒螃蟹 (Price depends on Crab's Weight)

Although the crab is being cooked with white pepper, the dish is more of a muddy yellowish colour. The aroma of the pepper is quite strong and this is a recommended dish for people who simply love the spicy and hot flavor of white pepper. Since I do not like Spicy Dish, I find that the sauce a bit too spicy and strong for my liking. But, I still enjoy the meaty Crab though.

Sea coconut with Longan龙眼海底椰 Price Unavailable  

This is the Dessert of the day which adds a refreshing touch for this food tasting session.

Overall, I have an enjoyable time at this Bloggers’ Food Tasting Session and I will like to thank Uncle Leong Seafood for the invitation and the hospitality.

Lastly, please visit: Uncle Leong Seafood for a detailed review of the food and services at Uncle Leong Seafood Resturant- Punggol Outlet.

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