07 September 2013

SK-II’s First Ever Pitera House Event: Rediscover the Miracle of Pitera

Are you currently using SK-II Products? Even if the answer is no, I am sure that you would have heard of their signature ingredient, Pitera before. This is indeed a miraculous ingredient discovered 35 years ago, starting from a chance observation of the soft, youthful hands of elderly sake brewers.

And the amazing thing is that one can now discovered the iconic story of SK-II at the first-ever Pitera House at Tangs Orchard.

I am honoured to be invited to the launch of this Pitera House Event. The highlights of this event are the special appearances of 2 Mediacorp celebrities, namely Rebecca Lim and Qi Yuwu.

I am quite excited to meet them personally though as I am a great Fan of the Little Nyonya and the Pupil Drama Series.

For your information, we are being taken on a discovery journey that traced SK-II’s search for crystal clarity. The first programme is an in-depth science session led by Taro Yamaguchi, SK-II Scientific Communications Manager, who delved into research and science of Pitera™ that powered the creation of SK-II’s first Facial Treatment Essence.

SK-II indeed has gone to great lengths to ensure every drop of Pitera™ produced is of the same, optimal quality.

More about Pitera

Effects: The four-step Pitera regimen can reset the clock and deliver crystal clear skin, as demonstrated by 86 women involved in the study who showed visible improvements of up to 90 percent across the dimensions of

Spot control
and Wrinkle resilience within a year!

The next programme on the list is the live demonstration of the chance observation of the soft, youthful hands of aged sake brewers, of the soft, youthful hands of aged sake brewers, which inspired SK-II scientists to further investigate different strains of yeast and fermentation conditions to understand this phenomenon. In this segment, MediaCorp artiste Rebecca Lim joined established Sake Sommelier Hiroomi Nagamatsu, to rediscover the SK-II story, tracing the story of this gift of nature.

Inspired by the search for eternal youth, SK-II also unveiled its first-ever collaboration with award-winning director, Tom Hooper, who excited guests with his fresh modern interpretation of SK-II’s discovery story.

Since this event is about 1 month ago, I am sure that a lot of you have already seen this commercial on the TV before. Nevertheless, here are some snapshots of this SK-II Commercial. 

Rooted in the Pitera miracle, SK-II also unveiled its latest discoveries on SK-II MEN in a session helmed by MediaCorp artiste, Qi Yuwu, who shared his perspective on his skin milestones and how to play an A-game with relation to skin, career and life. 

All good things come to an end. And the event ends with a sharing session by SK-II Beauty Trainer, Cindy Cheong about the top skin issues that men faced, accompanied by a live demonstration of maximizing the benefits of the SK-II MEN regimen. 

Overall, I have a wonderful time at the Pitera House @Tangs Orchard, learning about the history or rather origins of SK-II. 

Lastly, please visit SK-II Website: http://www.sk-ii.com.sg/ and FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/skii.singapore  for more Promotions and Updates.

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