15 September 2013

Review of Vita Green Vita Hair

I do admit that I am constantly troubled by hair problems, particularly because they are of thin and brittle texture. This is probably one of the reasons why I tend to keep short hair all the times as it is easier to maintain. That is why I am so excited when I have received invitation to review Vita Green Vita Hair, the improved version of one of earliest herbal oral hair supplement in the market.

More about Vita Green Vita Hair

Suitable for: Men and Women

Each bottle contains: 90 Capsules

Effects: It can:

Improve blood circulation and nutrient supply to the hair follicles
Regulate hormones and strengthens the kidneys to restore colour and thickness to thin hair.
Help to prevent hair loss
Promote hair growth
And Helps in darkening  the colour of the hair.

Ingredients: It contains :

Fleece Flower- useful for tonifying the liver, replenishing blood and yin, and tonifying the kidneys to prevent the premature greying of hair and hair loss.
Lingzhi (Reishi)- used to relieve conditions including dizziness, insomnia, palpitations, shortness of breath, asthmatic coughs and asthma
Mohanlian- can improve symptoms of prematurely grey hair
Roucongrong-  able to improve hair health
Nuzhenzi- improves the supply of nutrition to the hair follicles, preventing premature greying of hair and promoting hair growth.
Guijia or Guiban- help to improve weak, brittle or greying hai
Chinese Angelica or Dong Quai- activating blood circulation
Tusizi- improve conditions stemming from poorly nourished kidneys, such as weak or greying hair and premature ageing.
Niuxi- tonifies the kidneys, which are the source of healthy hair.

Dosage: Please take 3 capsules daily

Frankly speaking, I like the idea of taking oral hair supplement as it means we can actually try to nourish our hair within the body rather than depending solely on external hair products such as serum or shampoo. Somehow, I think that oral supplement will be able to work hand in hand with the Hair Products to effectively achieve better results of preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth.

For your information, I have received 3 bottles of Vita Green for review simply because hair will take a certain period of time to grow.

Therefore, please be prepared to continuously consume this hair supplement product for at least 3 months before you can see its beneficial effects. I appreciate this claim on the product because in reality our hair will only grow 1.25 cm or 0.5 inches per month. Of course, I am not expecting a miracle whereby my hair will miraculously flourish overnight. Even if it occurs, it will be an unnatural process and I wonder whether it will have any side effects.

Let us now move on to the ingredients of Vita Green. It contains a blend of TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) herbs such as Fleece Flower, Lingzhi and Chinese Angelica. All these ingredients are well-known for their ability to nourish and protect the liver. The liver is indeed an important organ of our body and is responsible for processing the toxic. Think of it in this way: If you have a healthier liver, it does not have to work so hard to detox and remove the toxic and poisons from our body. When that happens, your body can concentrate and dedicate more time in supplying nutrients to the hair follicle rather than pushing out the toxin from our body. 

It has around 1 month since I have receive the product. So far, I have consumed around three quarter of this product because sometimes, I will tend to forget to consume it when I am too busy with my usual stuff. At the very least, I have noticed that the rate of my hair loss is not as prominent as before I have consumed Vita Green.

I will definitely recommend this product to people who are trying very hard to tackle their hair loss problems.

Lastly, please note that you will be able to get Vita Hair at local drugstore, Watson and Guardian etc

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