08 September 2013

Lunamer: Bloggers' Workshop and Review of Brightener (Sponsored)

It is a well-known fact that a lot of women in Singapore, including me are currently living a busy lifestyle, juggling between work and family. That is why we are more susceptible to various forms of internal and external damage, commonly known as environmental stress. When that happens, our skin will be more prone to damages such as premature aging.

Introducing Lunamer, a new range of skincare Products by Astalift which seek to strengthen and beautify the skin of busy women in their 20s.

For your information, I have been invited by VanityTrove to attend Lunamer bloggers workshop at JEMS some months ago.

More about Lunamer

Available At: Astalift shop Location

The Centrepoint, #02-04
Ion Orchard, #B3-66
JEM, #01-20

Skincare Approach: It can

     o Remove impurities such as dirt and excessive sebum
     o Counter keratin build up in pores
     o Protect skin from damage caused by active oxygen

And Recharge the skin
     o Supplement nutrients to hydrate and rejuvenate tired looking or problematic skin
     o Boost skin’s natural regenerative ability

Effects: It will enable skin to be healthy, translucent and resilient to damages.

Ingredients: It contains:

Crown Sugar-Capturing and detoxifying hazardous materials
Japanese herb Scutelleria Baicalensis root extract-Blocking signals of damage from hazardous materials and UV rays
Nanovitamin A-improving blood circulation and encouraging metabolism
Clear Nanovitamin E-clarities various types od damage inside the skin to energise skin cells.

Japanese herb Curcumin-Promoting skin metabolism and boosting its strength.

Range of Products: It contains:

Clear Cleansing Oil: Thoroughly removes makeup, pore-clogging sebum and dirt clogged in pores.

Clear Wash: Works in tandem with Lunamer Clear Cleansing Oil to completely remove dirt,sebum and aged keratin.

Brightener(***Star Product***): Purities and Recharges the skin in 1 step
Lotion I (Light)/Lotion II (Moisture): Delivers moisturizing ingredients deep into corneal layer to replenish moisture for a clear , refreshed complexion

Emulsion I (Light)/ Emulsion II (Moisture): Replenishes moisture to achieve optimum water-oil balance while softening and hydrating skin

UV Protector (SPF 40/PA++) : Works well as a beauty essence to protect skin from dryness

Cream: Delivers moisturizing ingredients deep into corneal layer to assist in repair of damaged skin and to restore healthy skin

Sequence of Usage: 

Clear Cleansing Oil—Clear Wash—Brightener-- Lotion I (Light)/Lotion II (Moisture)-- Emulsion I (Light)/ Emulsion II (Moisture)-- UV Protector (SPF 40/PA++)--Cream

Please note that I will only be reviewing Lunamer star product, Brightener in this post.

More about Lunamer Brightener

Size: 100ml

Price: $60


Cleanse the face and apply Brightener with cotton pad
Use 2-3 pumps (1.5ml-2ml)
Spread over entire face to wipe away old keratin in gentle gliding movements without applying too much force
Do not rinse off. Continue with regular Skincare such as Lotion, Emulsion etc.

Since this is one of the first exfoliative beauty brightener in the skincare market, kindly remember to use this product with a cotton pad. It is recommended to apply the brightener with the Lunamer Special 2-way cotton pads though as this special designed product has 2 sides.

Basically, the plain one is to wipe off the Lotion while the Meshed side is to remove the aged keratin and dirt. Therefore, please note to use the Brightener with the Meshed side and the Lotion with the plain side.

Here is a picture to show you the guideline on applying this product.

I like the texture of this Product as it is somewhat in between the Gel and Watery Form. 

It is so moisturizing in nature till the extent that I  will always mistaken this product to be an essence, rather than a brightener. Somehow, it just has the ability to hydrate my skin. After application, my skin feels hydrated and supple.

I admit that I can actually see a slight brightening effect on my face after using this Product. I will definitely recommend this product to people who are currently looking for a moisturizing Brightening Product.

Lastly, please refer to Astalift Website: http://www.astalift.com.sg/ and FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/AstaliftSingapore for more Promotions and Products Updates.

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