25 August 2013

Review of Vita Yin Yang (Sponsored)

Cordyceps is one of the most precious herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It has been used in traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for centuries to address and treat various health conditions by strengthening the immune system and improving the lung and kidney functions. 

In this post, I will be reviewing Vita Yin Yang--a supplement which can tonify the Lung and nourishes Kidney Yin. Do note that 1 capsule of this product actually contains the goodness of not just 1 or 2 but 15 100% premium grade pure cultivated Cordyceps!

More about Vita Yin Yang

No of capsules per box: 60

Original Price: $109

Introductory price: $99.

Available: at all Guardian stores.

Description: It is the ultimate health enhancer for kidney, lung and immune functions since it is able to help to achieve Yin Yang harmony.

Ingredients: It contains premium Cordyceps-with respiratory, renal, hepatic, cardiovascular, immunologic and nervous system enhancing properties

Nutritional Value(in terms of active ingredient):  1 capsule contains the goodness of 15 wild cordyceps.

Features: It

can only be found in Western China on high mountains 12,000 feet above sea level. Vita Green commercialized it by cultivation.
contains 100% premium grade pure cultivated Cordyceps and is sold at an affordable price.
Effects: It
Is the best health supplement for nasal allergy as it tonifies the Lung and Nourishes Kidney Yin.
relieves symptoms of weak kidneys such as tiredness
delays the need for medical intervention such as kidney washout
can relieve symptoms such as respiratory discomfort, coughing and general malaise, and preventing future problems.
Is excellent for battling air pollution, and a must for smokers to protect the lung.

Dosage: Please consume

1 capsule daily for health maintenance
2-3 capsules daily for health improvement

Frankly speaking, I am quite happy to receive an email regarding the sponsorship of this product as I have long heard about the goodness of Cordyceps sinensis. For your information, Cordyceps sinensis is called Dong Chong Xia Cao, 冬虫夏草 in Chinese, which means 'winter worm, summer grass' because of its queer look. Basically, it is an insect parasitizing fungus which will infest and live on a particular species of worm in the high mountain of Tibet and Qinghai during winter time. Come summer, it will just transform itself and take on a plant fungal appearance.

Regardless of whether it is a “worm” or a “grass”, there is no deny that it has many nutritional value. I shall not go into the Full Benefits of this rare herb though but it sure can improve our immune system without any side effects. I am glad that 1 capsule of Vita Yin Yang actually contains the goodness of 15 Cordyceps! 

This is truly amazing as I know that Cordyceps is high in nutritional values but it is not that friendly for my wallet. Now, I can just enjoy the goodness of 15 Cordyceps at a fraction of the price through a capsule of Vita Yin Yang.

Since this product is in capsule form, it also means that I do not have to double-boil the herbs. I can just consume the capsule orally with a glass of plain water-1 capsule daily for health maintenance or 2-3 capsules daily for health improvement. I will definitely recommend this product for people with busy lifestyle or on the go as it is so convenient for consumption. I really have to mention about the benefits of this product. It can tonify the Lung and nourishes Kidney Yin.

According to Chinese Medicine, deficiency of the Lung and Kidney (ubiquitous among city dwellers due to air pollution) will create various problems in the respiratory system. Therefore, Vita Yin Yang will be able help to reduce symptoms and prevent respiratory problems.

Before I end this post, here is a tip on consuming this product: One can actually separate the capsule and pour the Cordyceps powder out to boil the herbal tonic soups.

 Lastly, do note that this product is only available at all Guardian stores.

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