04 August 2013

Review of Sasatinnie Pure Care Skin Care Line (Sponsored)

Do you have sensitive skin? If you have this woe, there is a high chance that you will be particularly careful in selecting the suitable skincare products for usage. This is because sensitive skin tends to be prone to redness, tightness or even stingy sensations. And the last thing that one will like to do is further aggravate this sensitive skin condition.

Here’s introducing the Sasatinnie Pure Care Skin Care Line from SASA, a line of Skincare Product that adopts the 7-Free Pure Care System

More about Sasatinnie Pure Care Skin Care Line

Available At: SASA

Description: This product supplies pure nature ingredient for tired skin

Effects: It soothes, moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin.

Features: It has a 7-Free Pure Care System. It is

Paraben Free
Benzopenone-3 Free
Artificial fragrance Free
Artificial colorant Free
Mineral oil Free
Genetically Modified Ingredients Free,
1,4 Dioxane Free

Ingredients:  It contains:

Chamomile Organic Floral Water
        -France organic certifier ECOCERT, no chemical fertilizer and insecticide
        -Anti-inflammation, anti-bacterial, anti-allergy, anti-oxidation, soothing
        -Helps wound healing

Bitter Orange Flower Water
        -France organic certifier ECOCERT, no chemical fertilizer and insecticide
        -Calming, moisturizing, pore tightening
        -Intensifies immunity and prevents acne

Citrus Junos
        -Anti-bacterial, prevents skin aging

Bellis Perennis (Daisy) Flower Extract
        -Calming, moisturizing
        -Prevents acne
        -Helps wound healing

More about Sasatinnie Pure Care Soothing Cleansing Gel

Size: 100ml

Suitable for: Sensitive Skin Type

Description: It gently removes make-up and residues

Effects: It

And moisturizes the skin without stimulus


Apply on wet face and neck to remove makeup residue
Gently massage with fingertips.
Rinse with lukewarm water thoroughly.

For people who are particular about the ingredients in the skincare products, you will be pleased to know that this range of Pure Care product adopts a 7-Free Pure Care System, namely it is free from Paraben ,Benzopenone, Artificial fragrance, Artificial colorant Free, Mineral oil Free, Genetically Modified Ingredients and 1, 4 Dioxane Free. 

That is why this Range of Products is particularly suitable for people with sensitive skin.

For your information, the texture of this product is quite mild. I almost mistook this cleansing product to be a moisturizer when I first squeeze it out from its tube, probably because of its white and milky colour. 

Do notice that you will have to apply this product on wet face instead of lathering it with water. After massaging this product on wet skin, it will slowly turn into an extremely thin layer of Gel which I will rinse it off with lukewarm water.

I do admit that my face feels a bit smoother after using this product.

However, because of its mild texture, some people may feel that it does not have adequate cleansing power as one will not feel a tightening sensation after usage. I do not absolutely agree with this notion because I feel that having no tightening sensation means that this product does not strip off too much of the natural moisture found on my skin.

More about Sasatinnie Pure Care Perfect Balancing Toner

Size: 200ml

Suitable for:Sensitive to Normal Skin

Feature: It 

Has a Mild nature
Can  calm, moisturize and tighten the pores

Usage: After cleansing, soak cotton pad with toner and apply on face.

As for this product, it has a mild texture just like the cleansing Gel.

The only difference is that it has a slightly lemon smell which reminds of the Fruit Pastilles that I used to like when I am still a small kid. Please take note to use this product with a cotton wool but kindly be extra careful when you pour out the lotion. I admit that I do not really like the design of this bottle as it has no extra stopper to regulate the flow of the lotion.

If one is not careful, one may pour out a substantial amount of the lotion onto the cotton wool.

After using this product, I can immediately feel that my skin is softer and more radiant. 

Somehow, I just got the feeling that it is able to soothe my skin, probably because of its mild texture. I will definitely recommend to people who do not like to use a toner that leaves a sticky feeling after usage.

More about Sasatinnie Pure Care Gentle Moisturizing Cream  

Size: 50ml

Skin Type: Sensitive Skin Type

Features: It 

  has a Mild nature
 is Deep nourishing, controls oil and water balance
can strengthen skin barrier and calms delicate skin

Usage: Apply morning and evening to cleanse and tone face.

Like the smell of the Perfect Balancing Toner, it does have a strong lemon fragrance. If you are someone who likes fruity fragrance just like me, you will definitely fall in love with this product. For your information, I really love the texture of this product as it is quite moisturizing.

Although it is in cream form, it will somehow transform into a supple gel texture after spreading it out on my skin. After fully absorbed, my face feels hydrated and rejuvenated. 

This is definitely my favourite product as it offers the most moisturizing texture amongst the 3 items. 

Although my face feels a bit sticky after using this product, I do like the supple effect that it provides. So far, I have not encountered any sensitivity issues after using this product. But then, I have combination and not sensitive skin. Well, it just proves that this range of product is suitable for people with combination skin as well.

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