17 August 2013

Review of Koplina Placenta Jelly Stick with Royal Jelly (Sponsored)

Collagen is an essential protein which contributes to the the firmness and smoothness of the skin. As we age, we tend to find that our skin start to lose its resilience. When that happens, our face will sag and lines and wrinkles will start to appear on our skin. That is probably the reason why there are a lot of collagen oral products on the market nowadays.

In this post, I will be reviewing the product of Koplina Placenta Jelly Stick, exclusively distributed by Confirm Trading in Singapore.

More about Koplina

It is produced by Magnas corporation (established in Japan in 1983), a Japanese health food company.

More about Koplina Placenta Jelly Stick with Royal Jelly

Scent: Gorgeous Rose

Flavor: Sweet & Sour

Available At: selected Guardian stores.

No of strips per Box: 30 for 28 days cycle of skin turnover

Ingredients: It contains:

Placenta-Whitening, reduce wrinkles, rejuvenation ,anti-aging, treatment of fatigue
Fish Collagen Peptide-Essential ingredient for skin moisture and elasticity
Royal Jelly-22 essential amino acids and more than 40 kinds of nourishment for good skin texture

Together: They will promote generation of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid in dermis and restore beautiful skin

Effects: This product will help to maintain the skin’s elasticity, firmness and radiance.

Nutrition Values: Each strip contains:

Fish Collagen Peptide 1000mg
Pig Placenta Extract(Raw) 300mg
Royal Jelly 10mg


Please consume one or two packs a day. It can be cooled in the refrigerator. Please be careful not to choke.
Please note that the longer it is taken, the better skin condition will be realized.

I have done a lot of reviews on collagen jelly before but I really like the taste of this product. What really stands out is its refreshing fruity flavor. 

It’s as though I am having a jelly with a blend of peach and royal jelly mixed together. Unlike most of the collagen jelly that I have tasted, this product is more to my liking as it is neither sour nor fishy. I always have the feeling that I am just having my favourite peachy jelly as a dessert as their tastes are so similar in nature. 

Of course, in terms of collagen level, Koplina Placenta Jelly Stick will definitely be superior as compared to the normal jelly. This is because it has 3 beneficial ingredients for my skin:  Collagen,Placenta extract and Royal Jelly.

I shall not go to the detailed explanation of each of these ingredients as you can read from the products descriptions above. All I know is that these 3 ingredients will keep my skin supple, elastic and radiant. 

So far, I have almost finished half a box and I can see a slight improvement in my skin conditions though-My face is more firm up though.

More-ever, this product is definitely for people who have a very busy lifestyle. Since the product is in stick form, you can practically slip it in your handbag and have it whenever you are on the go. Well, you can also have it as a dessert after a meal or a snack when you are feeling stressed at the office.  It is so convenient to carry this product around. For your information, 1 Box will contain 30 Placenta Jelly which is just 1 month supply. One can simply consume 1-2 jelly per day, bearing in mind that its effects will only be realized if you actually consume it once every day without any breaks in between. It is just like the oral supplement that one will always consume. Do you actually consume the oral supplement daily? I am sure that the answer is yes and this will also applies to collagen jelly products. Therefore, regular daily intake of this product is more advisable.

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