09 August 2013

Origins: Masks and No Puffery Cooling roll-on for puffy eyes (Sponsored)

Origins has always been one of my favourite Skincare Brands because its Products are natural and do not contain chemical ingredients such as Parabens , Petrolatum and Synthetic Fragrance etc. That is why I am always so excited to attend Origins Bloggers’ Event.

For your information, there are 2 highlights for this event-one is the introduction of the idea of multi-masking while the other is the launch of the new eye product of Origins: No Puffery Cooling roll-on for puffy eyes.

Upon arriving at the Estee Lauder Office on a fine Saturday morning, we can actually help ourselves to the catered delicious Delifrance breakfast

Soon the event begins.

More about the idea of Multi-Mask

Have you ever ask yourself why you want to apply masks on your face? Sure enough, there are many reasons to include beauty mask in the weekly skincare routine.

For a person with combination skin, I apply mask because I will like to control the oil on my T-Zone Area and moisturize the dry area around my cheeks.

Here is where the idea of Multi-Mask comes in. One can actually apply different types of masks at different part of the face simultaneously at a time. For eg, I will apply an oil controlling mask on my T-zone area and a moisturizing mask at my cheek areas as they are drier in nature.

More about Origins Mask


Origins Mask is the #1 in US, UK, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Nordic
The number of Origins masks sold is equal to the height of 221 Empire State Buildings
Origins sells one mask every 46 seconds

Variants: Origins

Clear Improvement Mask
Drink up Mask
Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask
Out of Trouble Mask

Do note that I will only be reviewing Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask as I have only received this product for review.

More about Origins Clear Improvement Mask

Size: 100ml

Price: $50

Description: This is an active charcoal mask to clear pores

Effects: The skin will shake off the shroud of dullness and take on new clarity

Ingredients: It contains

White China Clay-absorbs environmental toxins.
Lecithin-dissolves impurities
Yellow Sweet Clover-decongests impurities


Use it once a week or more often if skin is oily
Layer on, allow to dry, rinse well

More about Origins Drink up Mask

Size: 100ml

Price: $50

Description: This is a 10 minute mask to quench skin's thirst.

Effects: Skin is hydrated and softer after usage.

Ingredients: It contains:

thirst-quenching Algae extract-deliver an extra-helping of extraction
Emollient-rich Apricot Kernel Oil-acts like a "fountain of youth" to refresh and revive radiance


Simply spread a generous layer over clean face(avoiding eye area).
Wait for 10 minutes.
Rinse or tissue off

More about Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

Size: 100ml

Price: $59

Description: It defends skin against harmful dehydration


It instantly hydrate parched skin while repairing and reinforcing skin's delicate moisture barrier
Ingredients: It contains
Poweful PM barrier-made from water conserving plants like Japanese Seaweed, Wheat Bran and Olive Extract which fortify and seal's skin vital moisture barrier
a powerful combination of Apricot Kernel Oil, Plant Glycerin and Sodium Hyaluronate-immediately quench skin's thirst
Naturally emollient-rich Orange Peel Wax and Mango Butters-seals and replenishes valuable moisture levels
Avocado Oil-improved emollient and exceptional moisture retention for the skin
Pomegranate-adds a boost of antioxidants
Oat Kernel Extract and Purple Rice-clam and soothe


Squeeze into palms to warm and gently massage a liberal amount onto clean skin whenever skin feels de-hydrated
Tissue or wash off excess

Short Review:
If you thought that this product is just like a normal sleeping mask, then think again. Unlike normal sleeping mask which is in Gel form, it is in cream form and has an extremely moisturizing texture. 

And the best thing that I like about this mask is that I can wear it to sleep without the hassle of washing it off after 30 minutes. To me, this is really a wonderful 2 in 1 hydrating cum sleeping mask product.

However, the only thing is that I will need some time to get used to the smell of this product as it has a Herbal Orange Peel Wax fragrance though.

More about Origins Out of Trouble Mask

Size: 100ml

Price: $50

Description: This is a 10 minute mask to rescue problem skin

Effects: It will steer skin clear of slippery situations, refine rough texture and pull the plug on troublemakers to oust potential outbursts.

Ingredients: It contains:

Zinc Oxide and Sulfur-sop up oily-shine and slough off sticky.


Layer on a clean face, avoiding the eye area and leave on for 10 minutes
Rinse well and enjoy your skin's new found clarity.

More about Origins No Puffery Cooling roll-on for puffy eyes

Size: 15ml

Price: $55.00

Description: This is the ultimate eye treatment to pamper puffy eyes.

Effects: It

instantly reduce puffiness
reduce the appearance of dark eye circles
Instantly cools and brightens
Soothe and refresh eye area


Gently roll under each eye from inner corner to outer corner
Pat in with ring finger
Relax for 5-10 minutes
Follow with your favourite eye cream
For gratification and enhanced cooling sensation, store in the refrigerator

Short Review:
I really like the cooling metallic applicator and the eye gel texture of this product.

It is very soothing for my eyes as I will always feel a calming sensation after applying it. Basically, it just refreshes my eyes area, particularly when I am feeling tired due to a lack of sleep.   It is quite effective in reducing a bit of puffiness on my eyes area though. Of course, I am not expecting my heavy puffiness to disappear overnight. I do admit that this product is quite easy to apply-Just gently glide this product under the eye from inner corner to outer corner. However, for hygiene purpose, please remember not to share this product with another person. I will definitely recommend it  to people with puffy eyes problems.

Lastly, please visit Origins SG Website: http://www.origins.com.sg/ & FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/origins.singapore for more Promotions and Product Updates.

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