18 August 2013

Fearless Sebastian Party

I am honoured to be invited to the Fearless Sebastian Party 2 months ago at the Cocotte Bar of Wanderlust Hotel.

Prior to attending this event, I only know that Sebastian Professional is a salon hair care brand in Singapore. Never do I know that they have quite a number of Professional Styling and Hair Care Products. 

More about Sebastian Professional

Origins: Geri Cusenza, salon-starlet, starts making waves in her own sizzling fashion, turning an amped invention into a mane event; the crimping iron. Electrifying the scene, she and husband john continue to spark a cult-following known to have blown the lid off creativity for three-plus decades, fearless styling is not a limp statement

Categories of Products:

Foundation-Shampoo and Conditioner
Flow-Light Hair Treatment
Form-Strong Style Sculptor
Flaunt- Shine Hair Finish Products

Soon the event begins and the theme is Urban Explorer Party.

For your information, we are being walkthrough to 2 Hair Care Demo inspired by these 4 Cosmopolitan Cities of style:  Shanghai for Architectural Shine - Berlin for Rebellious Texture - San Francisco for Bohemian Sensuality - Sao Paulo for Artistic Volume. What sets these cities apart is a desire to be unconventional and a willingness to push the boundaries of style by taking inspiration from their urban environment.

During its quest to find style without boundaries, Sebastian Professional was inspired by the culture and street style of each city on the tour.  The Sebastian Global Artistic Directors together with Style Curator, Seema Hamid, captured the essence of each city and used it as inspiration for creating What’s Next in fearless hair fashion using the most versatile and celebrated Sebastian Professional products.

Soon the Hair Demo begins.

More about the Hair Demo by International Sebastian Artistes Anthony Cole and Joshua Wagner

More about Sebastian’s Shanghai

The Inspiration: Architecture - A city that thrives on modernization, Shanghai is the gateway to Asia and an architectural fuelled vision.  

Fashion: Sharp and angular, low cut and laminated, metallic and magnetic, offering a quick glimpse of skin and inner-structure beneath.

Hair: Fanciful and tactile, sharp and scintillating.

Hairstyle inspired by this city:

Sebastian Products used to create this style:

More about Sebastian’s Berlin

The Inspiration: City Attitude - Goth punk glam merges with a hint of historical renaissance.

Fashion: Leather jackets, ripped t-shirts, choppy piecy texture with a hidden feminine chic.

Hair: Mixed-up layers

Hairstyle inspired by this city:

Sebastian Products used to create this style:

More about Sebastian’s SAN FRANCISCO

The Inspiration: epicenter for the Summer of Love and other liberal movements that have seen the city’s timeless, laidback looks stay set for decades.

Fashion: Leather and lace, fur and feather. Flowing patterns compliment fabrics, which are soft, sensual and sometimes see-through.

Hair: Long, free-flowing locks

Hairstyle inspired by this city:

Sebastian Products used to create this style:

More about Sebastian’s Sao Paulo

The Inspiration: Art - Modern iconic with Latin artistic flair sees large-scale instillations set behind the backdrop of an urban jungle.

Fashion:  Rippling dresses, concertina skirts and crinkled tops.

Hair:  Hair of elegant up dos, volumized and deconstructed or beauty pageant curls loosened and liberated.

Hairstyle inspired by this city:

Sebastian Products used to create this style:

Wow, 4 different types of hair style inspired by 4 different urban city. Which is your favourite? My choice is definitely SAN FRANCISCO as this is a chic and modern type of hair style which I will consider getting it at a Hair Saloon.

Overall, I do fun at this event and I will like to thank Taiwah for the invite

Please also check out the highlights of this event from this Video below.

Lastly, please refer to http://www.taiwah.com.sg/products-category-1-7-sebastian.html for more Promotions and Products Updates.

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