14 July 2013

Workshop and Review: Acti-Tape (Sponsored)

Being an OL who has to spend at least 8 hours in the office, it is inevitably that I experience aches and pains due to improper posture. More-ever, I have discovered that my spines are a bit out of place during a Medical Diagnostic Test. That is why I am so excited when Acti-Tape has sent me an invite to their Workshop somewhere in May.

After registration, the trainer actually sticks an Acti-Tape on each of my 2 hands using different types of pasting method.

It is really the first time that I am experiencing the wonders of this Product.  Prior to attending this Workshop, I have not heard of this product before because I am not a sporty person. During the event, I get to understand that this product is highly raved among runners, Marathon participants and sportsmen.

Finally the event begins.

More about Acti-Tape

Where to buy: It is available at

selected Watsons
and all Unity pharmacies

Material: It is made of Non-latex body surgical tape made of thin porous cotton fabric with an adhesive

Texture: It is:

Highly elastic
Water resistant
Highly breathable
Latex Free
As flexible as human skin

Benefits: It

may alleviate pain
can relaxed overused and overextended muscles
can Support rehabilitation from muscular injuries
can Repositioning of joints
may help to reduce edema, inflammation and discomfort

Principle of this Product:

It is based on the body's own natural healing processes.
In conjunction with the wave-like adhesive pattern, it "lifts" the skin under the point of Application fractionally when applied.
This lifting supports the alleviation of pain and facilities lymphatic drainage by increasing the space between the skin and muscle in order to allow "easier" body fluid flow under the application area.
The reduction in localized pressure and support for circulation and lymphatic drainage means decreasing in the sensory receptors.
The net result is pain relief, promotion of injury recovery and reduction of swelling.


Clean and dry skin before Application. Allow tape to “set” for at least 10 minute before commencing activity. If activity is water-based, apply 60 minutes before activity as body warmth improves adhesion.
Do not stretch the entire length of tape to be applied
After applying the tape, apply pressure by rubbing over  the tape surface to ensure proper adhesion particularly at the tapes edges
Remove the tape by peeling in the direction of body hair.

Frankly speaking, I am attracted by the bright colours of this product. I never know that Therapeutic Tape can be so fun to play with—you can actually match the tape with your outfits or accessories. It is so trendy that I will actually like to show the tape. By the way, I even heard that some of the colours come in limited quantity. And I am delighted that I actually got a pink colour Acti-Tape in my goodies bag-Quite a sweet colour!

During the event, I get to learn that there are various types of pasting methods namely I, Y, X and Octopus Strips. 

All these different pasting methods are there for a purpose. When you buy this product, there is actually a mini instructional sheet with pictures included in the box to show the correct usage of this product on the different part of the body. 

If you are still confused about the application, you can refer to the videos on their FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/acti.tape. When cutting the tape, please remember to round off the corners to avoid the strips catching, lifting and peeling off. 

I will actually recommend you to get the Acti-Tape Scissors to cut the strips as it will be easier to trim with this tool. 

As a beginner, you may find it hard to trim this product but it will take a little practise to perfect the cut.

Speaking of the effects of this product, I am quite happy with its warm soothing sensation reaction when I paste this product on my aching body parts. My guess is that the warmth will actually promote better blood circulation and hence ease the pains that I am currently feeling. I admit that I really need this product as I often feel tensions behind my neck.  I will definitely recommend this product  to people who are currently experiencing muscles pains and aches in their body.  By the way, they will be organizing regular workshops whereby you can find out more in details about this amazing product of Acti-Tape. 

For the schedule, please refer to their FB Page. And here is a good news : Acti-Tape will be having another workshop on 23rd July 2013 (Tuesday). 

Do join this workshop if you are interested to learn more about Acti-Tape.

Before I end this post, I will like to provide a little tip when tearing off this product: please remember to peel off this product in the direction of the growth of your body hair. This is so that they will not stick to the tape and fall off forcefully when peeling off this product. Surely, you will not like to experience pain when removing this product from your skin.

Lastly, please like Acti-Tape Website: http://www.acti-tape.com/   and FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/acti.tape  for more Promotions and Products Updates.

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