07 July 2013

Review of Sasatinnie Collagen Floral Gel Eye Mask (Sponsored)

Lately, I have discovered that signs of aging such as eye bags and dark circles start to appear on my face. I am certainly bothered by these age-related symptoms as people will often commend that I look tired and haggard. This is especially so if I go to sleep after midnight. That is why I am so excited when SASA invites me to write a review for Collagen Floral Gel Mask as I am always on the lookout for effective Eye Masks that will reduce the discolorations and puffiness around my delicate eye areas.

More about Sasatinnie Collagen Floral Gel Eye Mask

Size: 50ml

Suitable: For skin types.

Available: at SASA

Description: This eye mask effectively reduces fine lines and wrinkles, delivers nutrients and increases elasticity and firmness on eye areas.


Ascorbic Palmitate, Marine Collagen, Calendula, Flower Peptide- Increases collagen and elastin production,Renews skin’s superficial layer ,Firming and hydrating
Rose Extract, Neroli Extract- Strong hydrating, anti-aging properties, Boosts and rejuvenates delicate Skin, Fights against wrinkles
Lavender Extract- Promotes healing,  Soothing and calming
Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q10- Strong anti-oxidant agent, Retains moisture on eye areas


Apply a generous layer on cleansed eye area.
Leave the mask for 15-20 minutes.
Rinse with lukewarm water thoroughly. Use 2 to 3 times a week.

This is really the first time that I have ever come across an Eye Mask which is in Tube Form. For a start, I do find that this is more economical than the normal Eyes Sheets Masks as a 50ml tube like us will probably last me for a few months. And I only need around a 20 cent amount per application. Of course, if you find that the amount is not adequate enough, you can probably increase it to a 50 cents amount application.

As the name of this product implies, it is enriched with six healing floral extracts and collagen : namely: Rose Extract, Neroli Extract, Lavender Extract, Rosemary Extract, Borage Oil and Camilla Oil.

Needless to say, I already fall in love with the fragrance and the texture of this product. This product has a mild floral aroma and I always feel as though I am currently in a garden of blossoming flowers whenever I use this product. The texture of this product is quite hydrating and moisturizing since, it is in a collagen gel form.

I must say that this product is particularly soothing for my eyes. And, somehow, I always feel more alert after using this product as its cooling effects just have that bit of power to relieve the tiredness around my eyes areas. Since this product contains collagen which is to able to retain the moisture around my eyes area, it also does a good job in increasing the elasticity and firmness around my eye areas. My eye bags look slightly reduced after using this product.

However, for the dark eye circles, I admit that I am a bit disappointed that the discolorations still remain. Overall, this product has done quite a remarkable job in firming up my delicate area although I still have to use a separate eye masks for my dark eye circles. 

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