07 July 2013

Review of Naruko Collagen Drinks: Day & Night Double Action Collagen Pack

Please note that this is not a sponsored post but a personal review of the Naruko Collagen Drinks- Day & Night Double Action Collagen Pack that I have won recently at the Naruko Singapore FB Review Contest.

More about Naruko Berry Flavoured Collagen Drink

Size: 50ml

Collagen Content: It has 8000 mg

Time to Consume: One bottle a day, preferably before Breakfast

Ingredients: It contains

Vitamin C
Acai Berry
Blue Berry
Grapeseed OPC
Acerola Cherry

I have always wanted to try the newly launched Naruko Collagen Drink partly because it is developed by the Skincare Guru, Niu Er Lao Shi(牛尔老师). As I always like Naruko Products. I will like to find out whether this product will differ from the other collagen drinks in the market. The answer is Yes- If you have seen this product in Watsons before, you will probably know that it comes in 2 boxes- Berry Flavoured Collagen Drink for the day and Lychee Flavoured Collagen Drink with Bird’s Nest for the night. 

This is really the first time that I ever heard of such a concept like this. Since the usual benchmark is 5,000mg-6000mg of collagen daily, this product will provide you with a total daily collagen intake of 20000mg (which is almost 3-4 times the usual benchmark ). Wow. Frankly speaking, I do welcome a notion a I understand that only a certain percentage of the collagen intake will be successfully absorbed by my body. Therefore, by consuming a daily intake of 20000mg Collagen, I will ensure that I am drinking adequate collagen amount to prevent saggy skin.

More-ever, this berry collagen drink is recommended to consume in the morning before breakfast.

The taste of this collagen drink as it is not too sour or fishy, probably because it contains yogurt flavor. This is really a nice refreshing collagen drink to start my morning everyday as I feel more energetic after consuming this product.

More about Naruko Lychee Flavoured Collagen Drink with Bird’s Nest

Size: 62ml

Time to Consume:  One bottle a day, preferably before bed time.

Collagen Content: It has 12000 mg

Ingredients: It contains:

Royal Jelly
Bird’s Nest
Cii Fruit
Snow Lotus
Soy Iso flavours

I really have to mention about the convenient packaging of this product-It has 2 Styrofoams to hold the bottles in place.

I like this type of design because it will prevent the bottles to knock against each other and break accidentally due to friction.

In comparison, I will prefer to drink the Lychee Flavoured Collagen Drink as compared to the Berry Flavoured Collagen Drink. Well, this drink is more suitable for my taste as it contains many beneficial ingredients such as Royal Jelly, Bird’s Nest and Snow Lotus. Do note to consume this drink before bedtime as it will repair and renewed the skin cells while you are sleeping at night.

I will definitely recommend this product to people who do not see any results after using many skincare products. Sometimes one will need both the inner- supplement such as collagen drinks and the outer- skincare product to have an improvement in the complexion.

By the way , I have seen this product recommended in the Ladies First Taiwan Show <<女人我最大>> and Liu Yan Lao Shi (柳燕老师) has mentioned that this product is particularly effective for people who like to stay up late at night. 

Lastly, please visit Naruko Singapore Website: http://www.naruko.sg/shop/  and  FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/narukosg  for more Promotions and Products Update. 

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