28 July 2013

My second Customized VanityTrove Beauty Box

I have received my second customized VanityTrove Box.

Let us take a look at the items inside my Beauty Box.

For your information, I have received:

1 Physiogel Cleanser 50ml

Comments: I have always wanted to try this product because it is soap free and Non-comedogenic (does not clog the pores). Heard that this product is suitable for people with sensitive skin.

1 Apvita Cleansing Tonic Lotion for Oily/Combination Skin 75ml

Comments: A cleanser with 98% natural ingredients.

The correct way to use this product is to apply with a cotton pad over the face and neck avoiding the eye area.

1 Dr Ci:Labo Aqua Collagen Gel Super Moisture Ex 10g

Comments: Yes,  I have chosen this brand of skincare  in  both my first and second customized VanityTrove Box. Well, the reason is simple since I really like the moisturizing effects of this brand as it does wonder for my combination skin.

1 Sebamed Olive Face & Body Wash 20ml

Comments: I am getting this sample Body for my mum to try as she has very sensitive skin. I still remember when I have acne skin, the doctor at the National Skin Centre actually recommend this brand of cleanser to me because it is soap and alkali-free.

1 Lunamer brightener 20ml

Comments: With the invitation of Vanitytrove, I have attended Lunamer Blogger’s Event some weeks ago and I quite like the texture of this product. Stay tuned for the post as I will be blogging about this Event soon.

1 Kose Infinity Deep Protection UV SPF50+ PA++++ 8.9ml.

Comments: Robin Niu (牛尓老师) has constantly raved about Kose Products. That is why I have chosen to sample this product.

1 Mystery Bonus Item of Essential Rich Premier Shampoo 80ml

Comments: Wow, never expected to receive this bonus mystery item. This travel size shampoo will definitely come in handy when I am going for a short trip.

 I am quite satisfied with all the items in this Vanitytrove Box because they (except for the mystery bonus items) are all the brands and products that I have always wanted to try. If you are a beauty fanatic who love to try new brands and products, VanityTrove is definitely the choice for you. Why? It is because VanityTrove customizes the items inside the beauty box according to your beauty profile. Now, I will only receive beauty products that are suitable for my current Skincare/Makeup Needs.

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