23 June 2013

Review of Hada Labo ES Lotion (Sponsored)

More often than not, people who suffer from sensitive skin condition have to be more careful or rather selective about their choice of the skincare products. This is because products that contain certain ingredients such as alcohol, fragrance, colorant, preservatives (depending on one’s skin condition) might irritate their sensitive skin.  Surely, they do not wish to aggravate the current skin woes that they are facing.

Here comes a Good news: Hada Labo has recently launched the ES Series- a skincare Series that is suitable for people with sensitive skin

More about the Hada Labo ES Series

Available: Exclusively at Guardian pharmacies.

Features: It is

•         PH Balanced and passed the low irritation stringent tests
•         formulated using 5 additive free formula, free of

          o   Fragrance
          o   Colorant
          o   Alcohol
          o   Mineral Oil
          o   Preservatives

Ingredients: It contains:

•         3 kinds of Hyaluronic Acid( Nano, Super, Normal) –effectively ultra hydrate all skin layers from top to innermost layer.
•         Zinc Gluconate-nourish, condition and protect sensitive skin from the harsh environment

Products under this Range:  Hada Labo ES

•         Cleansing Form Wash
•         Lotion
•         Milk
•         Makeup Remover

Please note that I will only be reviewing Hada Labo ES Lotion in this post.

More about Hada Labo ES Cleansing Wash (Picture 1 of the Range)

Size: 160ml

Price: $16.90

Texture: Light and Foamy

Description: This product hydrates as it cleanses and helps restore the skin’s moisture

More about Hada Labo ES Lotion (Picture 2 of the Range)

Size: 170ml

Price: $25.90

Great for: Dry and dehydrated skin

Description: This product instantly replenishes and locks-in skin’s natural moisture. Upon application, the skin will feel significantly softer and more supple

I am glad that this product does not contain any ingredients that can cause irritation to the skin, namely: Fragrance, Colorant, Alcohol, Mineral Oil and Preservatives.

This is definitely good news to people with sensitive skin. If your skin is rather sensitive, please be rather careful when selecting the skincare products. This is because one may experience redness or rashes on the skin when it comes into contact with any of these 5 ingredients. Even though I do not have a particularly sensitive skin, I really appreciate this good effort of Hada Labo. Now, I can safely use this Product without worrying that my skin may have an adverse reaction to these chemical ingredients.

The nature of this product is quite similar to the “normal” Hada Labo Lotion just that it does not have the milky texture. It definitely feels lighter on the skin.

In fact, once you pat it, it penetrates and gets absorbed into the skin easily. Just like other Hada Labo Products, please pour sufficient amount onto the palm, apply into the skin and gently pat until thoroughly absorbed. After application, my skin feels much hydrated probably because it contains Nano Zinc Hyaluronic Acid to replenish and lock-in-moisture for complete hydration. 

More-ever, because of its mild texture, it feels less sticky on the skin. I will also like to recommend this product to people who prefer to use a hydrating lotion that does not feel tacky on the skin.

More about Hada Labo ES Milk (Picture 3 of the Range)

Size: 140ml

Price: $25.90

Great for: people who prefer light texture

Description: This is a light weight and soft moisturizer with a non-sticky feel

More about Hada Labo ES Makeup Remover (Picture 4 of the Range)

Size: 150ml

Price: $20.90

Description: This helps to remove gentle makeup effortlessly without leaving a greasy residue or stickiness on the face after cleansing

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