09 June 2013

Review of Elite Paris Makeup Products: Duo Eyeshadow, Super Length Booster Mascara, Make Me Blush & Illuminating Foundation (Sponsored)

Remember my review about Elite Paris Fantastic Primer months ago? Now, Elite Paris Singapore has send me 4 more Makeup items for Reviews, namely Elite Models:

Duo Eyeshadow
Super Length Booster Mascara
Make Me Blush
Illuminating Foundation

More about Elite Paris Duo Eyeshadow

Size: 2.8g

Price: $18.90

New <<Liquid Injection>> Technology
Silky Smooth
Easy Colour Pay-Off
Long Lasting

Shade I have received: 05-Moulin Rouge

Short Review:
I love this Eyeshadow because it has a silky smooth texture with a light shimmer or metallic added to it. More-ever, it has a total of 12 different varieties of colour for me to choose from. In the end, I have chosen 05-Moulin Rouge because it is of an earthy colour, which is more down-to-earth.

I can simply wear it during it during day or night makeup.

Here is how you can apply the Duo Eyeshadow:

1- Apply the light shade from the inside of the eyelid to the center
2- Place the dark color from the center to the outside of the eyelid
3- Mix both colors and apply them to the center of the eyelid to blend the shading

More about Elite Paris Super Length Booster Mascara

Size: 9ml

Price: $20.90

Shade: 01 Black Blooster (Only 1 Colour Available)


Instant lengthening effect
Visible growth of 169% length
Lashes diameter increase
Prevent lashes loss

Short Review:
I desperately need such a Lengthening Mascara like this as I have short and limp eye lashes. After applying this product, I can feel an instant lengthening effect whereby my eyelashes appear to be longer and more visible. For your information, this is a special type of mascara where you can experience a visible growth of 169% Length of the lashes in 30 days.

 Since I do not really measure the length of my lashes with a ruler, I cannot really comment on this. But, what I have seen is that at the very least, my lashes do not fall out so often after using this product for almost 2 weeks. I really appreciate this special lengthening dual effect of this product as I always forget to apply lash serum before applying mascara. Well, with the usage of this product, I can care for my lashes while I am applying eyes makeup on my face.

More about Elite Paris Make Me Blush

Size: 2.5g

Price: $19.90


It gets your cheeks all red and gives you the exact complexion of a girl in love! 
The oven-baked formula, just like incredibly silky, fine and soft.

Shade I have received: Flirt With Me 01

Short Review:
I am totally mesmerized with this Duo Blusher Makeup Product. The texture of the colour is so fine and silky smooth. In fact, the 01 Flirt with me’s (which I got) colour reminds me of a shy lady who blushes because she is in love. 

Her blushing rosy cheeks coupled with the fair complexion will make her even more adorable and attractive. 

More-ever, I can also use this product to highlight certain part of my face for contouring such as the areas between my 2 eyebrows.

Here are tips on using this product:

1. Slightly sweep a medium-sized fluffy brush through the blush and then tap it to remove
any excess.
2. Applying the light tone on the upper cheekbones and the dark tone on the lower part.

More about Elite Paris Illuminating Foundation 

Size: 30ml

Price: $24.90


It contains light reflecting pigments that captures and diffuses the light as if you were in the spotlight! The little imperfections are corrected, as if they had never existed
Formula designed for an even rendering on your skin while moisturizing it throughout the day

Shade I have received: 05 Opale

Short Review:
As mentioned in the post above, this product contains light reflecting pigments which can correct minor blemishes. However, do take note that for more severe blemishes such as dark eye circles or acne spot, you should still use concealer to “hide” them. What I particularly like about this product is that it does not have a cakey texture which feels smooth velvety on my skin. 

Once absorbed, it blends in into my skin easily without any oily texture. 

However, I will still advise you to test out the shade of the foundation as there are a total of 07 Shades for this product. By the way, do you know that this product is Paraben-Free and Fragrance Free? Yes, it’s true and these are certainly plus points when it comes to one's choice of foundations in my opinion.

Lastly, this is the light makeup look that I have created using these 4 products. 

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