23 June 2013

Review of Color Combos Double Function Mascara (Sponsored)

When I have received an invitation from SASA to write a review on this new revolutionary Product of Color Combos- Double Function Mascara, lots of questions fill my mind: How will this Product look like? Does it have 2 Mascaras within 1 Product? How does this Product works?

Well, check out my review below as I reveal the answers to these questions in this post.

More about Color Combos Double Function Mascara

Size: 11ml

Price: $17.90
Available At: SASA

Suitable for: All skin type

Features: This Two-In-One Mascara

has an  innovative double wiper mechanism
can create dual effects – one wiper helps volumize your lash for greater impact while the other helps coat precisely each lash creating long and separated lashes, leaving it naturally defined.
has a Non-sticky, instant dry and waterproof

Ingredients: It contains

Beeswax-Provides long-lasting action
Carnauba Wax-Give luser to lashes


[ Volumizing + Defining ] Loading of formula on lashes with wiper #1 for volume. Combing of the lashes with wiper #2 for the definition.
[ Clubbing ] Use wiper #1 only for maximum volume.
[ Daytime Make-up + lower lashes ] Use wiper # 2 only for a natural make-up with controlled loading.

At the very first glance, I have the misconceptions that this product comprises of 2 different mascaras.

However, after playing around with this mechanism for around an hour, I start to realize that it actually comprises of 1 mascara but with 2 different types of brushes. It sure is an interesting concept. Basically, this product has 2 wands—1 to volumnize the lashes and the other is to define the individual lashes. It’s a bit hard for me to explain the mechanism here but one just have to understand that when pulling out the different wands, the same mascara will appear with 2 different types of brushes.

Frankly speaking, this is the first time that I have ever come across a double function mascara like this. Depending on the effects that you will like to achieve, you can use Wand 1 to Volumnize  or Wand 2 to define the lashes respectively. 

What is even more amazing is that you can actually use Wand 1 and Wand 2 together for a heavier defined look. In this aspect, I do find that this is quite an economical mascaras as it has 2 different functions in 1 product. I particularly like this design as I do not have to get 2 mascara products in order to achieve what I can accomplish with the double function mascaras. I only have 1 problem with this mechanism—When pulling out and in the mascara, please do not use a full 100% force. Because of how the mechanism works, sometimes it will leave a small residue of the “mascara ink” on the tube. When these small residues accumulate, the ink will spill out when I try to secure the cap of wand 1 tightly into this double mascara product.

As for its defining effects, I am rather delighted to say that it can effectively volumnize and define my lashes. Since my lashes are quite short and straight, I do find it hard to lengthen my lashes. 

What is surprising is that I do find that this product can also lengthen and volumnize my lashes at the same time. 

I will definitely refer it as a multi-purpose mascaras which can lengthen, volumnize and define my lashes.

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