02 June 2013

Review of AFC LipoDOWN 2 and Product Info of ActiveSLIM (Sponsored)

Since young, I always have to fight a constant battle against weight Loss. Even if I have slimmed down these few years, I admit that I still have some stubborn fat at my thigh areas. Yes, I am constantly bothered by my Pear Shape Figure because I always find it so hard to find a fashion piece that will fit me perfectly from top to bottom. That is why I am so excited when AFC has invited me to do a review for LipoDOWN 2-a slimming Soft Gel that will help to maximize fat burning round the clock for effective fat loss, inch loss and weight loss.

More about AFC LipoDOWN 2

No of Soft Gels per Bottle: 60

Price: S$92.90

Introductory offer: $88 (As at the time of publishing this post, it is still selling at an introductory price.)

Available at: Unity, Watsons, Guardian, Robinsons, John Little, OG and other leading pharmacies

Suitable For:  people of sedentary lifestyles with little exercise, helping to maximize fat burning round the clock for effective fat loss, inch loss and weight loss.

Description: It is enhanced with 200% more fat burning prowess than its predecessor LipoDOWN, for effortless slimming

Celebrity Endorser: Apple Hong. AFC LipoDOWN 2’s TVC has been aired on MediaCorp Channel 8, from 13 May onwards.

It is: developed by Nihon Preventive Medical Laboratory Japan and clinically proven safe and effective.

Ingedients:  It target unsightly bulges for visible inch and fat loss with

its unique APF Fat Reduction Factors – a concentrated blend of

     i. Apple Polyphenols (AP) – Blocks fat and prevents accumulation of new body fat. Extracted from unripe green apple skin which has 10 times more polyphenols than regular apples, it blocks the absorption of excess fats from meals, reduces fat storage and inhibits the formation of fats around organs.
     ii. Fucoxanthin from Activated Japanese Wakame Seaweed -targets sluggish bulky fat cells at the cellular level. It induces the thermogenesis process to accelerate metabolism and increase the conversion of fat into energy.

Features: It

is clinically proven to work at the cellular level to shrink massive fat cells and increase fat metabolism for maximum fat burning round the clock.
works even while the body is at rest, by continuously burning the body’s stored fat, improving metabolic rate and blocking the excess calories from turning into fat
Is totally free from caffeine, laxatives, diuretics and stimulants.
Targets fat loss in the stomach, thighs and hips
Promotes thermogenesis to increase metabolism for maximum fat burning
Helps shrink bulky fat cells and blocks formation of new fat cells
Helps regulate appetite and promote sense of fullness
Supports reduction of organ and body fat, healthy blood lipids and blood sugar levels
Is Effective even for sedentary lifestyles with no weight rebounds

It’s been quite some time since I have tried yet another Slimming Oral Product. This is because I am still dramatized by the side effect of the slimming pill. Many a time, they have added in laxatives or rather stimulants or caffeine that will increase the no of heart beats per minute. It is definitely a bad experience for me and it really takes me some courage before I try this product. 

First of all, I am glad that it does not have any laxatives added to it as I do not have to suffer from stomach pain after taking these slimming Soft Gels.If you have taken slimming tea or laxative, you will have known the excruciating stomaching pain resulting from consumption of these items. It is even worse than a normal stomach ache. Secondly, at the every least, I am still able to sleep after consuming this product. Slimming product is supposed to increase the metabolism rate and will sometimes increase the number of heart beat per minute. When this happen, one will be moody and find it hard to sleep at night. But, with the consumption of this product, I am still able to sleep at night. For your information, I have taken 4 Soft Gels daily for intensive treatment as per recommended. 

As for the slimming effects, I do find that it is rather effective in helping me maintaining my present weight. In fact, I just realize that I have lost weight slightly (its only a mere 0.5kg) despite I am on an eating spree. I admit that I have started to eat more food now as compared to few months ago because there is always a special occasion like friend’s birthday or Colleague’s Farewell. And, because of my lack of strict disciplines, sometimes I will tend to consume fast food which has more calories for lunch or dinner for convenience sake. As such, I might have to consume LipoDOWN 2 for a longer time before I can see its full slimming effects. But, it sure does a good job in maintaining my current weight even though I start to eat more food particularly during dinner time.

More about AFC ActiveSLIM 

Price: S$72.90 

No of Capsules per Bottle: 120 capsules

Available At: Unity, Watsons, Guardian, Robinsons, John Little, OG and other leading pharmacies

Suitable for: People want to boost fat burning efficacy and shed stubborn flabbiness during workouts for slimmer body, improved body definition and shape.

Description: ActiveSLIM is your indispensable companion to fast-track the burning of stored fats and elevate metabolism levels for maximum exercise efficacy.

Features: The superb fat burning effect of ActiveSLIM is accelerated by the 4 Active Thermo Factors working in synergy 

Converts excess fat & sugars into energy 
Helps shed stubborn body fat by significantly reducing fat and calorie storage 
Promotes fat use during exercise
Converts fat and glucose into energy
Reduces fatigue, improves exercise and fitness performance
Redefines and improves overall body composition and tone
Increases metabolism and slows age-related decline 
Replenishes antioxidants, and supports a healthy heart and liver 

Please note that I will not be reviewing this product in this post.

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