19 May 2013

Reviews of Meishoku Organic Rose Skin Conditioner and Conditioning Gel (Sponsored)

Renowned for its soothing ability, Rose is a wonderful natural ingredient which is able to replenish the moisture in the skin. More-ever, its pleasant distinctive fragrance never fails to mesmerize me since it is able to help to promote relaxation and sleep. That is why I always have a soft spot for Skincare Products with Roses as one of their Main Ingredients.

Here’s introducing another 2 Skincare Products distributed by Confirm Trading---Meishoku Organic Rose Skin Conditioner and Conditioning Gel which contain the essences of Organic Roses.

More about Meishoku Organic Rose Skin Conditioner

Size: 200ml

Available at: Selected Guardian Pharmacy

Description:  It is a conditioning lotion to prepare the skin after cleansing.

Effect: It is able to adjust the alkaline skin to weak acid, which can penetrate the skin and brighten it up

Main Ingredients: It contains

Denatured alcohol
Damask rose water
Coix extract
Witch hazel leaf extract


After washing your face, pour appropriate amount onto cotton or palm and gently pat it to your skin until it is fully absorbed
It can also be used as a pre-lotion.

From the moment that I have opened the bottle, I can smell a delicate fragrance of Rose Water. Instantly, I just cannot help but fall in love with the product. Since it contains Organic Rose, the texture of this product is quite light and mild.

It certainly does not have any overpowering chemical smell or rather texture.

After application, I feel that my skin is refreshed and I am quite surprised that it will leave a slight refined Rose Fragrance lingering on my skin. 

Wow, it feels as though my skin is being surrounded by a Mini Garden of Organic Roses. Notice that I have used the word Organic here because the aroma is subtle but not overwhelming. Although I feel that it has done a good job in preparing my skin after cleansing, it does not replenish the moisture in my skin though. Fret not as it is achievable through the usage of the  Organic Rose Skin Conditioning Gel.It also took me a while to get used to the light texture of this product as I am accustomed to the sticky texture of the moisturizing toner. Yes, this product does not feel sticky at all. I will definitely recommend this product to people out there who will like to use a non-sticky lotion or toner. 

More about Meishoku Organic Rose Skin Conditioning Gel

Size: 90g

Available at: Selected Guardian Pharmacy

Description: This is a Perfect all-in-one gel which is able to condition the skin trouble

Effect: It provides moisture to your skin.

Main Ingredients: It contain

jojoba seed oil
damask rose water


After washing the face, pick up an appropriate amount to apply on the skin.

Frankly speaking, I notice that a lot of the Skin Care Products from Japan like to use the terms of “Skin Conditioner” for Lotion etc and I wonder why.

My guess is that it is able to condition the skin with a substantial amount of hydration just like how the hair conditioner works. Therefore, I will be expecting this product to replenish the moisture level of my combination skin though. 

The texture of this product is of a white moisturing Gel.

For your information, I always feel that Gel Moisturiser is an excellent choice for Combination Skin as it is not too oily in texture and able to replenish the hydration level that my oily skin needs. Such is the texture of this product-It is only a bit oily but not as rich as the cream type.After applying this product onto my skin, I can immediately sense a slight cool sensation on my skin and somehow, I am able to see a thin hydration level forming on the skin.

And if I spread out the product until fully absorbed, I can actually feel that the skin is supple and hydrated. 

Like the Skin Conditioner, it also leaves a thin delicate fragrance of the Rose Water lingering on the skin. For best result, it is recommended to use this product together with the Skin Conditioner.

After using this product for sometimes, I do find that it is able to brighten up the complexion of my skin rather than whitening my skin from within. 

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