25 May 2013

O'nine Pure Gel Nails and Workshop

I am being invited to the O'nine Pure Gel Nails and Workshop at Amara Hotel some months ago. It’s quite an eye opener event for me as Beauty Direct introduces the new generation of Nail Gel-Healthy PureGel at the workshop. For your information, this is also a DIY workshop for us to get hands-on experience with the Healthy Nails Gel Products.

More about O'nine Pure Gel

Description: This is the new Generation of Healthy Nail Gels introduced in 2001.

Performances Edges:

Only 1 layer of Colour Gel needed
Able to be cured both in LED/UV lamps
More than 120 colours available, and updated
Glass-effect gloss with lasting shine
Perfectly soaked off in 10 minutes

Features: O'nine Pure Gel

100% active ingredients
Solvent free, odourless and Non-flammable
Dense and strong Film
Soaked in the tinfoil for 10 minutes
Completely soaked off, no more buffing needed

Vs Normal Gel Polish:

Hybrid of Gel and Polish
Toxic Solvent, Pungent Odour and Flammable
Sandpaper and scuffing needed when removing
It has to be applied over Gelish Foundation or Structure Gel. Do note that it cannot be applied directly to the natural nails

Frankly speaking, I seldom do manicure because my nails tend to chip easily. During the workshop, I am rather amazed that O'nine Pure Gel does not give out pungent Odour which is typical of Normal Gel Nail Polish. By the way, this healthy Gel Product is only available at selected Professional Manicurist Shop. For the complete list of Nail salons that carry O'nine Pure Gel , please refer to this FB Link : Nail Saloons Link

Other than applying O’nine Pure Gel on our nails, I can also choose one of the Nail Art Design and request Grace, the manicurist champion from China to paint it on one of my fingers. 

And here is the deign I have requested for. 

Check out the different variants of beautiful Nail Arts Designs displayed on the table. Ain’t they so lovely? 

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