27 April 2013

The Famous 5 Promotion of The Manhattan FISH MARKET in May

Are you a great fan of the seafood dishes served at The Manhattan FISH MARKET? If the answer is yes, you will be pleased to know that they will be launching the Famous 5 Promotion in May inspired by Enid Blyton’s “The Famous Five” series of children’s novel. Basically, this attractive promotion will give you 5 reasons to continue your love affair with the numeral that comes after four and before six in the fifth month of May!

About The Manhattan FISH MARKET

The Manhattan FISH MARKET is one of Asia’s leading casual dining restaurant chains by serving unforgettable dining experiences that 'WOW' people; ensuring only the highest quality seafood is served; and by offering innovation and variety in the menu

More about Manhattan FISH MARKET Famous 5 Promotion

Date: Weekdays (Mon-Fri) during the month of May

Details: The Manhattan FISH MARKET dishes out its five most fabulously delicious dishes to diners with special savings at irresistible prices.

Manic Monday*

Usual Price: SGD$20.35

Promotional Price:  SGD$10.95

Food Item: Manhattan Fish ‘N Chips (Dory)- Savour the hand-battered fish fillets drizzled with the Garlic Herb sauce served alongside chips and salad

Tango Tuesday*

Usual Price: SGD$10.95

Promotional Price: SGD$21.35

Food Item: Grilled Glory Dory-Dory fish is served on the plate all grilled to perfection with all the juices and goodness are sealed and accompanied by Garlic Herb rice and vegetables.

Wicked Wednesday*

Usual Price: SGD$14.95

Promotional Price: SGD$28.35

Food Item: Small Grill-Blissful mix of grilled tiger prawns,calamari and dory fillet served with a side of chips and Garlic Herb rice and vegetables.

Terrific Thursday*

Usual Price: SGD$14.95

Promotional Price: SGD$28.35.

Food Item: Small Flame- dish comprising the delectable Manhattan Flaming Prawns and grilled dory fillets resting atop a bed of Garlic Herb rice with chips and vegetables Watch before your very eyes as the sea-cret agents flame the ever popular secret recipe homemade Manhattan flaming sauce to release its full flavor and aroma!

Fall in Love Friday*

Usual Price: SGD$12.95

Promotional Price: SGD$24.35

Food Item: Mediterranean Baked Fish -Dory fillet baked in flavorful blend of spices and herbs served alongside Garlic Herb rice and vegetables.

*Note:  All of the meals above come with a choice of Ice Lemon Tea and Soup of the Day (Lite) or a Sundae (Citrus/Fruit). Diners may also choose to upgrade to Chowder (Lite) and a Mocktail at an additional special price of SGD$2.00

Other Promotions:

Enjoy the lightly battered Fried Calamari rings fried to a crunchy golden brown and served with smoky Chipotle sauce for SGD$6.95 (usual price SGD$9.95)
Dig in with a friend to the yummylicious Quad Delight comprising lightly battered calamari, juicy button mushrooms, fried shrimps and coleslaw for SGD$10.95 (usual price SGD$13.95)
Get your greens with the Caesar Salad where a lush serving of Romaine lettuce with egg is topped off with handmade croutons and Parmesan cheese for SGD$4.50 (usual price SGD$7.50).

Wait…..these are not the only Promotions available at The Manhattan FISH MARKET. In fact, with Labor Day and Mother’s Day heralding the month of May, this casual dining restaurant chains recognizes the contributions by the nation’s people which makes up the majority of the labor force and mothers who nurture their families.

More about Labour and Mother’s Day Promotion (Free upgrade)

For: mothers as well as those belonging to the following groups of professions


1. May 1st to 5th – Air Force and Navy personnel
2. May 6th to 12th – All mothers (wives and grandmothers included)
3. May 13th to 19th – Doctors and Nurses
4. May 20th to 26th – Army personnel
5. May 27th to 31st – Home Team personnel

Details: Free upgrade to Chowder (Lite) and a Mocktail with any order from “The Famous 5”. To enjoy the free upgrade, simply show the work pass, work I.D. or business card to the Sea-cret Agents at this Restaurant when placing the order.

More about Mothers’ Day Promotion(Free Citrus Drink)

Date: May 12th 2013

Details: All mothers, wives and grandmothers will receive a free refreshing Citrus Mint drink worth SGD$5.50 when they dine in at The Manhattan FISH MARKET with their families.

Wow, with such wonderful Promotion, hurry on and mark the weekdays and Mother’s Day for a splashing dive into an all-round of celebratory dining at The Manhattan FISH MARKET in the month of May!

Lastly, please like The Manhattan FISH MARKET FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/MFMSingapore for more Promotions and Foods Promotions Update.

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