21 April 2013

Review of Audrey Christian Push Up Breast, Neck and Tummy Cream (Sponsored)

Thanks to the invitation by Cozycot, I will be reviewing Audrey Christian Push Up Breast, Neck and Tummy Cream in this post. In my opinion, this is a wonderful toning product which is great for reducing and preventing sketch marks.

More about Audrey Christian Push Up Breast, Neck and Tummy Cream

Size: 150ml

Normal Price: $129.00

Special Price: $89.00 (only from 1st April to 30th June 2013)

Available at: Guardian Health & Beauty and Sasa Cosmetics.

Safe for: pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers. (as depicted from Audrey Christian Website)

Effects of this Product: It

fights off scars and wrinkles, and 
firms the sagging skin on all parts of your body, like your neck, chest and tummy
helps to prevent stretch marks during those exciting days of your pregnancy.


Use the cream once or twice daily. 
For breasts: apply the cream with an in- and upward motion, sweeping towards the sternum and neck.
For tummy and stretch marks: apply the cream on desired area twice a day.

This product has a nice fragrance, which reminds me of that of the baby powder but with a stronger dry, cream smell. Unlike other toning products, it does not leave any uncomfortable,warmth sensation on your skin. In fact, I often feel that this is a moisturizing product as it leaves an oily hydrating “feel” on my skin after applying this product.

And, because of this reason, I tend to treat this product as a body lotion which can be applied on my neck and tummy area.

I really have to mention about the multi-purpose usages of this product. Although it is prized at $128 for a size of 150ml, do note that it can be applied on Breast, Neck and Tummy Cream.

And the best thing is that it will be on sales at a Special Price of $89 from 1st April to 30th June 2013. In my opinion, this is a fantastic product for mothers who are quite concerned about their sketch marks after giving birth. Even for ladies who are not mother to be, you can still treat it as a normal toning slimming product.

As for the toning effects on my stomach, I might have to use this product for a longer time before I can feel its full effective effects. However, I do find that my tummy area are a bit toned up. For more effective results on tummy, please massage this product onto the desired areas.

Don't you agree that we tend to neglect our neck area most of the time? Frankly speaking, I seldom apply cream on this area because it is not part of my face. But, do you know that the neck is one of the body parts that will betray our ages apart from others like lines around the eyes area etc. That is why I really appreciate the fact that this product can be used to "push up" my neck area.After applying  this product, I do find that my neck is more hydrated  and softer with a slimmer and younger contour.

By the way, there will be an exciting contest whereby you can get to win 3-carat rubellite and diamond pendant necklace from international jeweller Mouawad worth $3000!

More about Audrey Christian Contest

Date: 1 April to 30 June 2013

Prize: 3-carat rubellite and diamond pendant necklace from international jeweller Mouawad worth $3000! 

(Picture from Audrey Christan Website)

Contest Mechanics:

Email to contact@audreychristian.com with the following information:

1. pictures of your neck and décolleté (upper chest area) before and 6 weeks after you start using your favourite skin firming cream, so we can see what you’ve achieved

2. brand of the product you used

3. your full name

4. date of birth

5. occupation

6. and the answer to the following question: Which part of the body can the PUSH UP Breast, Neck & Tummy Cream be used on to firm up the skin?

PS: Do note that this contest is only opened to participants of age at least 30 years old and each person can only participate once.

Lastly, please visit Audrey Christan Website: http://audreychristian.com/ for more Promotions and Products Updates.

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