14 April 2013

O2 Treatment at DRx MediaSpa

I have won a complimentary O2 Therapy from DRx MediSpa some weeks ago.

Upon reaching the media-spa, I have to fill in a consultation card with information about my skin and health conditions.

After going through the details of the card, the therapist proceed on to explain more information about this facial. For your information,  Oz Treatment is intended for hydration purposes. I appreciate this kind gesture of the therapist as I can understand in summary the procedure before starting the Facial Treatment .

More about DRx Mediaspa


302 Orchard Road, 14th Floor
Tong Building (next to Paragon Shopping Center)
Singapore 238862

More about DRX O2 Treatment-Tropical Hyperbarbic (THO) Therapy

For: All types of skin except Acne Prone Skin

Description: (Adapted from the pamphlet) : By directing oxygen to the vital fluids at the surface, THO is used to promote new cell growth to speed healing and aid absorption of the serums used.

Effects: High concentrations of superior moisturizers help to ensure perfect hydration and suppleness.

This Facial Treatments lasts around 1 hour. The procedure of this therapy is basically double cleansing, followed by Diamond Feel and the O2 Therapy. Do note that there is no extraction procedure involved for this complimentary treatment.

Since we all know that the purpose of the Diamond is to remove the dead skin cell, I shall not go into deep details. As for the THO Therapy, the therapist directs oxygen onto my face for around 3 rounds (I cannot remember the exact numbers). What I feel during this time is just a gush of winds blowing strongly on my skin. A bit uncomfortable at first but I slowly got used to it.  I also understand from the therapist that the first round is to push Oxygen into my skin, followed by Moisturizing Ampoules and the last round is to push the serum into my skin. I admit that I do like the effect of the THO Therapy as I feel that my skin is more hydrated, with a suppler texture just after 1 hour of O2 Treatment.

Lastly, I will like to take this chance to thank DRx Clinic for picking me as one of the winners for the Oz Facial treatments Contest. Please also remember to like DRx FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/TheDRxClinic for more Promotions and Services/Products Updates.

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