07 April 2013

Heroine Make BB Mineral Loose powder (Sponsored)

Heroine Make is famous for their Long & Curl Mascaras, which has won numerous awards, including No. 1 Mascara in Japan by @cosme’s prestigious Best Cosme Awards in 2009 and 2010. Did you know that Heroine Make has just launched their first BB Mineral Loose powder?

More About Heroine Make

Created by the Isehan Group, one of the first Japanese cosmetics brands founded in 1825, Heroine Make is a leading Japanese drugstore label that is renowned for its long-lasting eye makeup, amongst its other cosmetic products.

More about Heroine Make BB Mineral Loose Powder

Weight: 6g

Available: At Watsons stores

SPF: 25, PA: ++

Shades: #1 and #2

Ingredient: It contains lasting mineral powder to control shine all-day for a smooth appearance.

We all heard about the good benefits of Mineral Powder. Since it is a type of natural makeup made from crushed minerals in their purest form, it does not contain any unnatural ingredients. In theory, it is supposed to be beneficial for the skin yet providing a natural coverage for the face. By the way, Mineral powders are a good choice for women with oily skin because the powder not only stays in place, but also helps to absorb the excess oil

We all know that Mineral Powder has to be picked up by a Kabuki Brush. Fear not if you do not have a Kabuki Brush as it comes with a soft puff which makes quite easy to pick up the Mineral Loose Powder.

I will actually prefer to use the soft puff to pat the power on my face as it will be less messy to pick up this product as compared to when I am using the Kabuki Brush.

When I first heard of this Product at the Watsons Beauty Day Out Event, I thought that it is BB Cream, probably because I have only caught the words of “BB” of the Product Name. In actual fact, it is a Loose Powder with extra ultra-fine Mineral quality. I admit that I do not have the habit of using Loose Powder as I will still prefer to use Pressed Powder. But, this product has impressed me with its velvety smooth texture. 

And I definitely love the fact that this product does not show deep traces of my flaws such as laughing lines after it is being patted onto my skin after the liquid foundation. 

 Not forgetting the fact that my face has a fine texture after applying this product on my face.

Lastly, please remember to like Heroine Make FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/HeroineMakeSingapore  for more Products and Promotional Updates.

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