06 April 2013

Classic Manicure & Pedicure at Absolutely Nails (Sponsored)

Remember my post about the popular Feet Haven Reflexology located at 136 East Road? The good news is that Feet Haven has just launched a sister brand, Absolutely Nails, a boutique Nail Spa.

I am honoured to be invited to Absolutely Nails for a complimentary classic manicure / pedicure session.

More about Absolutely Nails

Opening hours: 10am to 830pm (Mon to Fri) and 10am to 8pm ( Sat/ Sun/ PH)


Blk 82 Marine Parade Central
#01-620, Singapore 440082
(Beside the famous Marine Parade Central Hawker Centre)

Tel: +65 6345 3303

Email: Flauntprsg@gmail.com

History: It was previously named as Nailcoholics and has been around since early 2010. The name change was a result of the acquisition and also in a bid to stay current and relevant to its customers.

Services include:

•         Classic/French Manicure
•          Pedicure
•          2D/3D Nail Art
•         Acrylic/Gel/Extension, among others.

The location of this nails spa is quite easy to locate as it is just diagonally opposite the ever famous Marine Parade Central Hawker Centre. In fact, while I am having my nails services at this salon on a Saturday afternoon, I notice that there have been a lot of walk-in enquiries for appointments. This shop is really popular among the folks at the Marine Parade neighbourhood! However, it is quite a pity that the location is a bit too far away for me, if not, I will probably be signing for Gelish manicure Services at this Nails Spa.

Upon stepping into the Nail Spa, I am instantly pampered by the lush and cosy space, jazzy music and a smell of the aroma scent.

The manicurists are quite polite and professional. I admit that I do not go for manicure regularly as my nails are quite brittle and weak. This is probably the second time that I have gone for manicure/pedicure services. After immersing my hands into the tub of water, the manicurists proceed to remove the dead skin from my hands and feet.

What I particular like about the classic manicure/pedicure is that she will help me to massage my hands/feets for a few second after applying the care lotion. I do appreciate this gesture as they will improve my blood circulations. Care to think of it, Absolutely Nails is the sister brand of Feet Havens and the manicurist might have learn a bit of massaging skills from the professional Masseur at the Feet Haven Reflexology Shop. What’s more, you can also request to use Artiscent Products when you are doing your manicure / pedicure session. For your information, Artiscent products are exclusively distributed by Feet Haven.

The rates are quite affordable.

And, it will be more attractive if you sign up for a package of 6 or 10 sessions of Manicure / Pedicure as you will be entitled to 1 and 2 free sessions respectively.

I really have to compliment the manicurist for her patience as my nails are rather short and brittle, making it harder to apply the nail polish on my nails. Well, I have chosen the shiny bright red colour for my nails because brighter colour will look nicer on my neutral fair skin. Check out the striking red colour on my nails.

Lastly, please check out Absolutely Nails Website: www.absolutelynailssg.com  and FB Page: www.facebook.com/absolutelynailssg  for more Promotions and Services/Products Updates.

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