24 March 2013

Talika Mini Bloggers Event: Photo-Beauty Therapy Range products

Light energy is powerful and can travel at a remarkably fast speed of almost 300,000,000 m/s. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it can be incorporated into skincare products to repair the DNA of our aging and dull skin? Introducing the revolutionary launch of Talika Photo Beauty Therapy Products---a range of skincare product that contains Photo-Beauty Enzyme (PBE) to repair the damaged DNA of the aging/dull skin.

For your information, I am being invited to the Talika Mini Bloggers Event around 2 weeks ago at BHG.

As the event is held during tea time, we are being served Perrier Water and a piece of Cup Cake.

Before I go into the Range Descriptions of Talika Photo Beauty Therapy Products, let us first understand the relationship between DNA and Aging Skin.

The DNA in skin cells is precious. It is the genetic code that ensures skin functions correctly.
However, with time and daily exposure to UV light, this DNA alters.
The DNA chain breaks, creating gaps (dimers) which interfere with its code, prevent it from functioning correctly and accelerate the appearance of signs of ageing on the skin: wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, etc.

Here is where the Photo Beauty Enzyme- will step in to repair damaged DNA.

More about the Photo-Beauty Enzyme (PBE)

Function: Like a photovoltaic cell, the Photo-Beauty Enzyme has the incredible ability to naturally transform light energy into dermo-repairing energy and repair damaged DNA.

Features: It

•         targets dimers which distort DNA over time.
•         converts into dermo-repairing energy after being activated by light energy.
•         eliminates dimers in just a few nanoseconds, allowing DNA to recover its original form and functional capacities, and skin to regain optimal performance.

More about Talika Photo-Beauty Therapy Range products

Description: It is the 1st skincare line which transforms light energy into cellular energy derived from photo- energy.

Variants: Anti-aging and Brightening Lines
(Please note that I will only be focusing on the Anti-aging Lines in this post)

It is: inspired by aerospace research

It : contains 0.2% Photo-Beauty Enzyme

Products under this Range:

•         Star Product-Light Essence
•         Serum
•         Cream

More about Talika Anti-aging Light Essence

Functions: It

•         acts like a correction curve, an “equalizer”, which takes just a few seconds to reset all “cell counters” to zero!
•         Also boasts the youthfulness process in your epidermis.The cell recovers its “original” potential, as a result skin is able to receive and transmit the benefits of daily skincare LIKE NEVER BEFORE.

Benefits: It

•         transforms light into cellular energy for a global anti-ageing action. (Photo-Beauty Enzyme)
•         helps to brighten the complexion and diminish the intensity of dark spots.
•         helps regenerate and protect the skin’s DNA. (Photo-Beauty Enzyme®)
•         hydrates
•         relieves discomfort.

Ingredients: It contains

•         hyaluronic acid
•         gentle fruit acids
•         rose water
•         and vegetal glycerin

As I did not receive this Product, I will not be reviewing it though.

However, the texture of this Product sure impresses me with its smooth, non-oily and fast absorbing texture. Do note that this is the signature Product of this Range and I will strongly recommend you to try out this Product. The reason is simple-This product will act as an activator to reset your DNA to “zero”.

More about Talika Photo-Beauty Therapy ANTI-AGEING Serum

Price: $99

Function: It combines the benefits of the PBE with a recognized complex of active ingredients to treat all signs of ageing: wrinkles, loss of firmness, skin refinement, and dehydration, etc.

Benefits: It

•         Transforms light into cellular energy
•         Helps to regenerate and protect the skin’s DNA
•         Provides Anti-wrinkle and firming action
•         Moisturizes

Ingredients: It contains

•        Photo-Beauty Enzyme
•         Adenosine
•         tetra-peptide
•         soya beans
•         rose hip oil
•         and vegetal glycerine

Unlike the other anti-aging products on the market, it has a light and non-oily texture.

I will actually recommend it to ladies out there who do not like a “sticky” and “heavy” anti-aging serum. Some people may question about the effectiveness of this product since it has a mild texture. The truth is that this amazing product is able to provide anti-aging firming ability for my skin yet at the same time, it does not give a strong oily after application type of texture. After spreading this product onto my skin, it turns a bit watery before absorbing without a trace into my skin.

Once that happens, my skin feels as though I have not applied any anti-aging product onto my skin.

All I can sense now is that my skin feels as smooth as paper and instantly some of lines just disappeared miracously. Too bad I do not have the Light Essence for review as I always believe that products of the same range will surely complement and work well with each other.

More about Talika Photo-Beauty Therapy® ANTI-AGEING Cream

Price: $129

Function: It gives the skin a new youthfulness thanks to the synergy of the PBE and anti-wrinkle, firming, energizing and repairing active ingredients with recognized efficacy.

Benefits: It:

•         Transforms light into cellular energy
•         Helps regenerate and protect the skin’s DNA
•         Anti-wrinkle and firming action
•         Intensively nourishes, moisturizes and repairs the epidermis

Ingredients: It contains:

•         Adenosine
•          walnut seed
•         soya beans
•         shea butter
•         and vegetal glycerin)

This product reminds me a bit of the fragrance of the baby powder but with a lighter scent.

It has a slightly heavier texture as compared to the light essence and the serum.

It also turns a bit watery before disappearing into my skin. What makes this product different from the serum is that it will leave a slightly moisturising or rather an oily layer onto my skin.

For your information, All cream moisturisers are supposed to leave a protective oily texture onto the skin and I am not surprised at the texture of this product. But, it sure makes my skin smoother in terms of texture. When that happens, all the lines on my skin will be less visible while my face will look firm up and less saggy.

On a last note: I do hope that Talika will launch an anti-aging eye product that will reset the DNA of the delicate eye area to zero. I will definitely rush to buy it as I am constantly bothered with my reddish eye circles and eyes bags problem.

The event finally ends with a Group Photo. Overall, I have a wonderful time at the event.

Lastly, please remember to like Talika Singapore FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/TalikaSG for more Promotions and Product Information.


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